Monday, January 16, 2012

Saturday Smoothie Success

This past weekend I enjoyed a relaxing weekend off. After a long and crazy week of teaching, this three day weekend was just what I needed.

When Friday afternoon rolled around, I decided to get my grocery shopping out of the way. I picked up something for dinner, stopped at the Red Box, and prepared myself for a night of pajamas, a bottle of moscato, and my couch.

Waking relaxed and refreshed Saturday morning I decided to wash and cut up the fruit I bought the night before. I find that doing this makes me more likely to choose it for a snack since it is right at the front of the refrigerator, easily accessible and ready to eat. While I was cutting up some pineapple I thought it would be pretty tasty in a smoothie.

In the blender
After finding, assembling, and figuring out the blender I tossed in some pineapple chunks, some cut up mango, a whole small banana, and some ice. I topped that with some orange juice and away we went! It was fantastic, easy and definitely something I will try again in the future. It is great fuel for the day, an awesome easy way to get a good serving of fruit (or veggies..), and the combinations are endless!


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