Saturday, February 25, 2012

98 Degrees

As first experiences with yoga go, mine was wonderful. I was nervous about being a beginner and being in the heat, but I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience.

The entire atmosphere of the studio was relaxed and calm. From the moment we walked in the door there were people there helping us get checked in and directing us where to go. The decorations and set up of the locker rooms and bathrooms were very home-y.

The yoga room was pretty much how I pictured it--mirror at the front of the room, people getting warmed up (haha...they were plenty warm...), soft music playing, and sweltering hot.

The benefits that I read about hot flow yoga mentioned sweating out the toxins in your body. This had to have been true, because I sweat buckets (sorry if that was TMI...). Also, I think that the heat made it easier to stretch into most of the poses. My muscles felt almost like liquid, like a hot summer day and you feel like you are melting.

Each time we repeated a pose, the instructor said "Find your edge. Inhale, release a little bit, exhale, and push past your edge". I surprised myself with how much I was able to do. There were modifications to almost all of the stretches to accommodate all of the skill levels in the room.

I look forward to going again next week, and recommend yoga (with or without heat) to anyone looking to get into shape, for more flexibility, for a hobby, or just to relax!


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