Thursday, March 1, 2012

Outfit of the Day

It's rare that I have a chance to wear something worthy of an Outfit of the Day during the week. Working in a preschool classroom I tend to gravitate towards things I don't mind getting messy; jeans and t-shirts. Wednesdays are my late day and after the day care closes we have church during Lent, so this was my dress-up day.

Please don't mind this messy corner of my room, or the poor quality of this photo. I shot this with my webcam because that was the easiest way to capture the whole outfit without someone around to help! 

Either way, this dress is one of my favorite things in my closet. It has been abnormally warm (so the native Floridians tell me...) the last couple of days and this dress was the perfect choice. I normally use caution when it comes to maxi dresses, being a short girl who is well endowed in the hip region. This dress, though, is fitted in just the right spots to make it figure-flattering. Not to mention it is SO comfortable! 

 Paired with a black 3/4 sleeve sweater, black sandals and some subtle silver jewelry, this is a comfortable, dressy look that even a preschool teacher can rock to work!

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