Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nail Time: Gray's Anatomy

I am a sucker for products with cute and catchy names. I'm also a big fan of the television show Grey's Anatomy. So I will admit that the name of this Wet N Wild polish (Gray's Anatomy) is what really sold me. 
Since seeing a post by Fleur De Force (here...) on a polish from the Model's Own Beetlejuice line I have been so intrigued by duo chromes. I couldn't pass this one up.
With only two coats, this covers surprisingly well but the other colors you see in the bottle are lost.So I decided to use it over top of a darker shade...
...and I was very pleasantly surprised. This navy polish (Wet N Wild Shine "Blue Moon") served as a great base for this color, and got all of the hues to shine through. 

As one who has a hard time spending money on nail polish, I think Wet N Wild polishes are very good quality at an affordable price. And they come up with some pretty great names. :)

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