Sunday, May 13, 2012

Steph's Study: Basin Soy Candle

I love candles. When we went into Basin the first thing I was drawn to was the "Build Your Own Soy Candle" station. Basin is a bath/body store that uses natural ingredients and has a lot of mix & match/build your own stations.
There were 13 different scents in big jars like this that had a scoop inside of each one. We went to the counter and got a jar with a wick inside and away we went!
"Fruit Slices" was my favorite scent. It was so orange-y and refreshing. I stuck with citrus and fruit flavors with a touch of vanilla sprinkled in. 
The first layer is Raspberry Lemonade, next is Fruit Slices, Lime Cooler, Vanilla, and topped off with Raspberry Lemonade. It's burning in my living room now and it's delightful! I wish I would have packed the beads down more. And also pushed them toward the center once it started burning down, but I will remember next time. :) This was super fun to make, it smells wonderful, and it burns really nicely! A good purchase for sure!


  1. I love basin! I went there on a recent trip to Florida and picked up one of the Soy candles that you are talking about .. they are absolutely lovely and last forever i found! i went for the lemon citrus scent and the lime scent the most.. but i also added in some of the fruit slices and the raspberry lemonade.. Did you buy anything else from basin while you were there?