Thursday, July 26, 2012

7 Things

 Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter is one of my favorite bloggers, and this post is inspired by her "7 Things in 7 Days" project, which is a list of seven attainable goals in a realistic time frame (usually spanning the month). 

I love this idea. Having these small goals is a good way to stay motivated while thinking about working toward larger goals! Here's my list:

Explore: We finally have our cozy little home all set up. I want to see all of the cool local color that this new town has to offer! 

Capture: While I'm doing all of this exploring, why not take pictures to document? I still haven't taken a single picture of our apartment either. Oy. 

Read: I've seen this one pop up in quite a few of the lists I've read and here I go following suit. J is an English teacher. Our apartment is teeming with shelves and boxes of books. What is my excuse? I started Kite Runner last night. 

Pray: I am a worry wart to the extreme. I worry about things that are past and gone, things I can't change, and things that are completely irrational. "Cast all your anxiety on Him, for He cares for you" -1 Peter 5:7. Why is it so hard to remember this? 

Walk: Exercise is another one of the goals I've seen the most. We live in a really nice area with lots of places to walk to; parks, grocery stores, restaurants. I'd like to walk more. 

Sleep: This summer has been crazy, and I've been keeping some really strange hours. The last few nights I've been up past 2 a.m. It's so important to get the right amount of sleep, especially when I start working so I want to get on a good schedule.
Healthify: Yes, I just made up that word. What of it? J has been doing most of the grocery shopping. Soda, beer, chicken wings, etc. I love that I've been learning and taking over some of the cooking but I'd like to transition us to a healthier household.

That's my list! What's on yours?

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  1. i used to do a 12 Months of Resolutions series on my blog. after a couple of years, i've skipped july's resolution. eep.