Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Married, Moved, and Mastering the Kitchen

Well, here I am, sitting down and finally catching up on blog and youtube subscriptions! Let me (try to) make a long story short:

Since my last blog, J flew down to Florida and together we moved all of my stuff back home. He stayed at my house until (dun dun DUN) our wedding! His family and many of our friends came in to town to celebrate with us. The day was perfect (I will do a separate post on the day)! The next day we had a quick brunch/gift opening with our parents and then jetted off on our honeymoon (I will mention that in the wedding post too). After our honeymoon we made the trip back to his parents' house for a second reception with friends who couldn't make the wedding. Two days after this we began the moving process to our new place, and since then we've been moving and getting settled!

As I hinted in the title I've been trying my hand in the kitchen. Let me show you what we tried tonight!
These are french onion soup grilled cheese sandwiches (recipe here)! I really don't like onions much. But I do love Swiss cheese and French bread and J loves french onion soup so we gave these a try. After chopping the onions and waiting for eternity for them to cook down, I don't think they were worth all of the effort and probably will not make them again.

Look for a wedding/honeymoon post coming soon! Also expect more kitchen endeavors. Next up: Buffalo chicken won tons!!

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  1. there's gotta be a better version, right? the idea sounds amazing though