Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thrifty Weekend

Today is the first Saturday since before we got married that J and I haven't had somewhere to be or something to do, so we decided to go check out the farmer's market! We scored some sweet corn, green beans, pumpkin bread, and strawberry/rhubarb jam (my favorite!!)

Apparently today is the day for garage and sidewalk sales. We passed so many on our way to the market we had to stop at a few on the way back. Here is our prize purchase.
Before this we had all of our spices in a tub in the cabinet on the left. On a shelf that I couldn't reach (I am not short-I am vertically challenged). We found this gem for $1 and couldn't pass it up. 

We also came away with a wooden serving tray (so J can bring me breakfast in bed! Right...) and...
 Just kidding. We didn't buy an organ. But I really wanted to! Our neighbors probably wouldn't have been so happy. 

Anyhow, now J is watching a video on how to brew his own beer. Thanks, groomsmen for that gift. Wahoo. Tell me what you're up to this weekend!


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