Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear Friday

I'm going to admit that I just discovered "linking up" and I might be a little addicted. I also think that these Friday Letters are a fun idea! 


Dear Preschoolers- You make me smile. (Me: What are you doing? Student: Having a juice party. Me: Oh. What kind of juice? Student: Party juice) Our school year is coming up fast. I am getting nervous and worrying that I'm not ready. But I have had so much fun getting to know you this summer and I can't wait to be your teacher! 

Dear Dirty Dishes in the Sink-Yeah. I see you. Spilling on to the counter to get my attention. You are not what I want to be doing on Friday evening. You know where the soap is. Get busy.

Dear Teen Mom on MTV-Why am I so hooked on you? And how can you be ending?? I can't bear the thought of not seeing you on my DVR each week. I'm ashamed by how much I will miss those few spare moments when J is gone and I can actually sit down and watch you. He doesn't understand why I am so hung up on you, and frankly neither do I. Please don't leave. Please? I'm willing to beg.

Dear Couch- Here's the sitch. It's Friday night and it's been a long week. After I sort things out with those pesky dishes I'm fixin' to grab my PJ's and not leave your side. Except maybe for a glass of wine or two.

And to you fellow bloggers- I hope you have a wonderful weekend packed with fun...or relaxation...whichever tickles your fancy. 

xo Steph


  1. I love the things little kids say!! Party juice..I need to remember that one!!

    My sink full of dishes is borderline embarrassing. I feel you!

    I may need to try Friday letters next week!!

  2. i had to quit the teen mom! but added honey boo boo...smh