Sunday, September 16, 2012

An Ode to Red Wedges

As excited as I am for fall to be right around the corner, I wanted to get one more use out of my favorite summer shoes. 
At the close of summer, my solemn pledge is
to give a shoutout to my favorite wedges.

Your soft canvas sometimes gets dirty
but when you're clean you're cute and flirty! 

Your little bow is oh so sweet
and you never hurt my feet. 

You were my favorite shoes of summer. 
Putting you away will be a bummer. :(

You are striking, red, and bold
but I cannot wear you when it gets cold.

You look great with jeans or a summer dress. 
I'm so glad I bought you at Payless!
I am not a poet. But these are great shoes, are they not? J and I had a little date night this weekend and they seemed like the perfect shoes for the evening. :)

xo Steph


  1. Love love love this. Great shoes.


  2. haha, awesome! I definitely have a few pairs of shoes that I've wanted to write Odes to over the course of my life--and I hate it that I don't get to wear some of my prettiest shoes for months on end during winter! I'm an awful poet though. :P