Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's OK 

 My usual route to work is being torn up. The detour I take is down to one lane due to construction. If all of the road signs looked like this, road work would be a lot less annoying. This made me smile. Plus, I just watched Lion King on tv a few nights ago. And you know what? That's Ok. 

You know what else is ok?? 

...that my boss came in with a schedule change telling me to come in late and leave early tomorrow.
...enjoying the fabulous fall foliage I get to see on my way to work.
...copying and prepping all of my crafts for next week ahead of time. be kind of excited weirded out that J and I were asked to chaperone the homecoming dance this weekend. be pissed that I have to send my wedding ring in again

I hope everything's going ok with you today! Happy almost-Friday!!
xo Steph


  1. that picture scared me :( lol! simba for the win!


    new follower :)
    hope you'll follow back!


  2. Oh man, that's an awesome road sign! Why did you have to send your wedding ring in again? I've had to get my rings sized down twice since I got them (apparently we are really bad at estimating ring size, and get the diamond settings tightened in each ring once, at different times.

  3. I have a stone that needs to be tightened. I sent my engagement ring to get sized, then my band to get sized. In the sizing process a stone got lost. I sent it in another time to get them soldered together. I took it in for a cleaning recently and they told me I had a loose stone so I had to send it again to get tightened. I think I've been without it as long as I've had it!

  4. That would definitely bring a smile to my face too. Lion King is so sad... doesn't matter how many times you watch it!

  5. What a fun sign! I am trying to get my craft prepped early too.