Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sour Milk

First, I want to share this tidbit with you. I was scrolling through my blog reading list and came upon a post that was very personal and serious. Then I read a comment that went something like this; "Your blog is great. I'm a follower now. I would really appreciate it if you would return the love. Keep up the good work". 

Seriously? Is your tact so nonexistent that you would fish for followers while someone is talking about the loss of a relative? It took all I had not to go over to her blog and say something.

So instead I went into the kitchen for a drink of milk. I pulled out the carton and brought it up to my mouth--yes, I'm that girl; stop judging--and it. was. rancid. I smelled it before I saw it; yellow, chunky, curdles that would make your stomach jump out your throat.I considered taking a picture to document the process, but I was too busy gagging couldn't put you through that.

 I remember when I lived with my parents we went through a gallon of milk every two days. The man at the store used to tease my mom that it would be cheaper for us to buy a cow. J and I hardly ever drink it.

What did I learn from this story? If your comments are only to boost your own following, shut up. And from now on, this girl will be drinking milk out of a glass; hold the chunks.


  1. Unless I actually have something to SAY, I usually don't even comment. I mean, if I get a "Great post! Wanna check out my blog?" comment I know that I grit my teeth. Why would I wanna do that to someone else? Especially if they are talking about something serious.
    The ONLY time I feel it's acceptable is when it's a link-up and the person says, "Found you through the link-up!". Still, I usually won't follow someone if they ask me to and would never ask someone to follow me. It's the principle of the thing.

  2. I can't believe how insensitive some people are! I can't stand the whole "Please follow me back!" thing. I'll follow you if I wanna follow you, thankyouverymuch, and usually when someone begs me to follow them I won't - it's the principle of the matter. ;-D

  3. Sometimes I don't have anything more to say in a comment then "Great post" or whatnot ... I usually just want to say SOMETHING letting you know I was here, It made me feel good/funny/happy/sad/scared (or whatever) I never do the "follow me back" thing ... that irks me! LOL!