Thursday, November 8, 2012

Once Upon A Preschool...

Since my brain is too fried to compose the epic tale that was my day, here's a quick recap.

Left early to hit Starbucks. No line; 15 minutes early for work.
 Raced eight of my students on the play yard; most exercise I've had in months.
 Cleaned up a pee accident.
Spelled the letter J with jelly beans. Then ate some because I forgot lunch.
Cleaned up a poop (on the bathroom floor) accident. I'm not ready to talk about this.
Parent/teacher meeting.
Lead teacher meeting. Well, half of it. Had to run out halfway through.
Race to church. 
Meet with soloist who has not looked at music at all
Play for church.
Back to school to finish up work.
Home by 10. 
Funny Workplace Ecard: I'm starting to feel sick tomorrow. 
Day two of the 30 day prompt is to name three fears and how they became fears.

1-I'm afraid of flying. I love traveling and I love airports, but the first few times I flew it made me so sick. I take dramamine now when I fly but I still get paranoid I'm going to get sick (it has happened). So paranoid that I hoard sick bags that I find in the back of my seat so I have one for the next flight, just in case. What. A. Freak.

2-I don't think there's really a story to how this became a fear, but I'm scared of spiders. I hate them. One time when I had guts I squished one with a tissue. Then triumphantly opened the tissue to gloat in that arachnid's flattened face and the biotch was still alive. I dropped that sucker like it was hot and threw a book on top of it. Then went to find someone brave to finish the job.

3-I'm a little bit afraid of the dark. It just seems that whenever the lights go out my brain says "HEY! Remember every horror movie you ever watched? Let's replay them". 

That's all for today. It's almost midnight, but tomorrow is Friday AND a short work day for this girl. Praise the Lord!
xo Steph


  1. Jeez, sounds like quite a day! Hope your Friday is nice and sparkly!

  2. Oh my heck I cannot STAND it when you open up a tissue and whatever bug you THOUGHT you just smashed is still alive!! I'm not even that scared of bugs (though when I wake up with a bug bite - like this morning - it kinda creeps me out) and that still makes me jump out of my skin.

    And a poop accident? I am sorry for you.