Sunday, November 25, 2012


Breathe in breathe out, you keep me alive. You are the fire burning inside of me . You are my passion for life.

Anybody else remember this soap opera? During middle school my neighbor and I would record this and watch it when we got home from school. Obviously it didn't last long as this was a pretty short-lived soap opera and we got over it pretty fast. 

This post is not about Passions at all. It's about my next "Thirty Things" task, which is to name five things I'm passionate about. *Sigh of relief from readers*

1. My faith. I live and breathe by the grace of Jesus Christ and without him I would be nothing. A lot of the things I believe are unpopular and have caused many an argument between my family/friends and I. I am not about to force my beliefs on anyone, just know that I will not change them for anything or anyone.

2. Family. Especially now that I'm grown and away from home I am realizing how important it is to keep in touch with my family and cherish any time that I can spend with them. 

3. Music. To me, music is the single greatest expression and release of emotions that there is. If I could choose one talent to have, it would be the ability to write music. 

4.  Education. I kind of have to say that because I'm a teacher, right? Seriously though, these days I feel like the only place some kids can get the stability and structure they need is at school. 

5. Blogging. Does that sound silly? I guess I just mean that it's really important to me to have a place to let out all of the thoughts that bump around in my head making me crazy. 

J has been so gracious as to let me borrow his laptop for a little while, but he's starting to get restless so I'd better give it back. Good night!

xo Steph


  1. Oh, Passions. I had many lunch table conversations about this show in high school! Ha! Great things on your list - I totally agree with what you wrote about music!

  2. I agree with all of those! lol that was a bad show in the best way!!