Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pearly Whites

I received my first box from influenster! If you're not familiar, influenster is described on its website as

"... a place for culture junkies to come together and share their unique opinions of products and experiences..."

Anyway, they sent me a box of Crest 3D White strips! 
I've only been using them for two days so I obviously can't give a full review but I wanted to give my original impression. 

 See where it says "Advanced Seal no slip technology"? They're not lying. You have to hold it on your teeth for a few seconds when you apply it, but after that these suckers aren't moving. They're meant to be lined up with your gum line and folded around your teeth; I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth so I don't fold that one over. 

They feel kind of weird on. The first time I wore them I slobbered all over for fear that if I swallowed I would inhale and choke on one of the strips. Attractive. I know. I had a little bit of tooth sensitivity the first time I wore them, but it is a pretty intense formulation and it hasn't happened since then. 

Taking them off is kind of disgusting, to be honest. Since they're so sticky it takes a minute to get a loose corner to pull off. The combination of tooth gel and spit makes for a good old slimy time. 

They run about $45-$50 in places like Target, WalMart, and Walgreens. I guess compared to getting your teeth professionally whitened that's nothing, but I still feel like it's a lot to spend. I'll let you know in a few days if I feel it's worth the splurge! 

xo Steph


  1. Nice review. I love Influenster. It is always fun to see what they send.


  2. Can't wait to hear what you think! I've had ok results with crest whitestrips before but I always HATED how they never really stayed this advanced seal stuff sounds awesome to me...I need to do them again soon!

    Do you pay for Influenster?