Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A (Picture) Day in the Life

Today's 30 thing is to describe a day in my life so I thought I'd share a few Tuesday snapshots.

I usually wake up between 6:15-6:20, but I didn't suppose you wanted to see a picture of my alarm clock. My dear husband is kind of a shower hog, so after my alarm goes off I can count on laying in bed a few extra minutes waiting to get into the bathroom. After I shower I usually enjoy a few moments of Boy Meets World. What a great way to kick off the day!
Breakfast usually consists of Cheerios, or peanut butter toast. This particular day it was a leftover piece of cake. In my shame, I forgot to photograph it. Then I brush my teeth.
 And get ready for the day. These are some of the products I use regularly.
 Diet Coke; the nectar of life. This is how I get through most days.
When I play for church on the weekends, I spend a few nights a week practicing.
 When I lived in Florida, my friend Lisa and I would make dinner together and watch Hart of Dixie on Tuesday nights. Now that I'm here, we watch it over skype. :)
I finished off tonight with a cup of Sleepytime tea. Not only delicious, but knocks me right out. Bedtime is usually by 10. Really exciting, I know.
There you have it! That's what my Tuesday looked like. Since I'm nosy and think it's super interesting seeing how other people spend their days, I'd love to see a day in your life! 

xo Steph

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  1. Haha, that's awesome you and your friend watch a show together over Skype...not a bad idea at all!

    That organ...looks hard. And I play piano. Haha.