Monday, December 3, 2012

Because I'm Cool Like That...

Today's thirty things task is to tell you my most embarrassing moment. 
Remember senior class polls in high school? I won easiest to embarrass. By a landslide. I'm not even sure there were other contenders. I also won best hair. But that has nothing to do with this. I'm very fair-skinned and when I'm embarrassed or nervous, you know it. Some people get rosy cheeks, some get sweaty palms. I turn into a freaking tomato. My ears get red, and sometimes even my neck. Want an embarrassing moment aside from sharing this photo? Here goes:

I love road trips. When I was in college road trips were a big deal; it was a 12 hour drive from school to my home. Thankfully I knew a lot of people who were heading to the same area so we always loaded up our cars and carpooled. 

One Easter break I happened upon the opportunity to ride with a guy that I thought was the coolest. I'm a little bit afraid of driving. I don't like highway driving, and I really don't like driving cars that aren't mine. 

With two other people in the car I figured it wouldn't be so bad. When it came to my turn to drive, we stopped for gas and to grab dinner. I hopped into the driver's seat and was navigating my way out of the McD's parking lot when one of the other lady passengers said "I don't think we're supposed to be here". Of course we weren't. We were going the wrong way into the drive-thru. 

As if that debacle wasn't enough, we stopped at the gas station next. Please keep in mind that we're only about 5 hours into the trip and fresh off of the drive-thru scenario. Someone got out and pumped gas, someone went in to pay, everyone took a potty break, blah blah blah. Ready to get back on the road, I could not get the car into drive. After a few painful minutes of trying I said "I give up. I can't get the shifter to move".  To which our vehicle owner says "...because you have to turn the car on first". 

I hope you enjoyed my slice of embarrassment. Perhaps it was coincidence, but I did not have to do any driving on the trip back to school. And that was ok with me. 

xo Steph 



  1. hahahahahhahahah this is great!!! I'm laughing WITH you of course. omg too funny. The drive thru thing was hilarious, but the not having the car on and trying to get into drive....the best!
    Thanks for sharing your embarrassing story :)

  2. Lol thankfully embarrassing moments are less embarrassing when you're able to laugh it off :)

  3. I'm not a fan of driving in general, but driving other people's cars is so stressful, it's easy to make mistakes!