Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Ok 1/31

Guess who remembered Thursday and was prepared for the linkup today! That's right. This girl.
Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok...

  • to have 60 degree weather one day and a snow storm the next. No joke.
  • that J had a two-hour delay and a snow day this week and I got neither.
  • that due to washing dishes, washing my hands and having them in bleach/lysol I can't seem to keep polish on my nails longer than a day or two.
  • that J and I want to buy a house so desperately that we watch HGTV 95% of the time.
  • to be excited about going to a superbowl party, but only for the party part.
    You know what's not ok? That it's not Friday yet. This week is exhausting and I'm over it. I'm gonna end this post before I turn into a major grouch. :)
    xo Steph 


  1. Good morning!! I am so beyond obsessed with House Hunters, I record the repeats! It's sad. Hubby and I are buying this year too (start looking in March) and I just can't wait for it!! Actually, I applied to be on HH and actually got a response...apparently they only start shooting once you've actually closed on a house, interesting eh?

    New follower, swing by and follow back for a chance to win one of three prizes drawn tomorrow morning!

  2. I am addicted to House Hunters, House Hunters Int. We just got the subscriptions for HGTV magazine and we probably spent an hour figuring out the ways we could change things about our new house! Addicting!

  3. We're going to a Superbowl party...and I'm going for the commercials!

    Go Budweiser Clydesdales! :)

    Stopping by from Its OK Thursday!

  4. HGTV trumps stupid Bachelor any day of the week and twice on Sundays. High five.

    This winter's weather has been SO WEIRD!!! We've barely had any snow and the temps have barely gotten below freezing (which is SUPER odd, usually January is in the single digits!).

  5. I hear you about the 60 degrees one day then a snow storm the next! I'm from Colorado and that is the NORM!!

  6. Haha, I could care less about the actual game! I just want to hang out with people!