Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hi, friends. If I'm ever going to finish this Thirty Things challenge I need to get my rear in gear. Tonight I'm knocking out number 16; my five greatest accomplishments. I haven't done anything spectacular like save a life or have a kid or anything. These are just some tidbits that I'm proud of.

1. Graduating college. 
 It was a gross day outside and way too cold for the cute dress I bought for the occasion, but I did it! And I'm still paying for it.

2. Finishing this race.
 This was last winter in Florida. I had never been much of a runner, but I was *determined* to do this race. It took place on the Daytona Speedway. Crossing the finish line was one of the greatest feelings.

3. Along with finishing that race, between when I started college and by the time I left Florida, I lost upwards of 40 pounds. 
On the left, with Ben Folds... 2010. On the right, with my best friend Tiffany, 2012.

Ok. I was really debating sharing this one or not. I am an incredibly shy person and pretty quiet. I know a silly act in a college talent show is not much of an accomplishment, but for me...this was stepping out of my comfort zone big time. 

4. Therapy...

5. This is just silly. But I'm pretty proud of this dog sweater I created for Bailey. 

So I used to love American Idol. I had a major thing for Clay Aiken, and maybe saw him in concert 4-5 times...And then they started changing all of the judges. Simon was my man. After he left I swore I wouldn't watch the show anymore. But I had to check out the new judges, just for a few episodes. And a few more episodes when they changed judges again. 

Obviously I couldn't miss seeing Nicki Minaj on the panel. My favorite part of the whole episode was a clip of announcing the new judges. "And bringing some style to the table, Nicki Minaj!"....What kind of style are you looking for exactly?? This girl is a train wreck.  You think that will stop me from watching? Probably not. Something about this show sucks me in. 

xo Steph  


  1. Ah I love the video!!!! You are so talented!!! Have you thought about Broadway?? ;)

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    2. Thank you!! The thought has crossed my mind. ;)

  2. style? where is this style she brought? ;)