Friday, February 1, 2013

Mac-don's and a Name Change

I need to preface this post by telling you I went to McDonald's for lunch today. Some more background information: I went once last week as well. I'll tell you it's because I wanted to get out of the building on my lunch break and enjoy some free wi-fi. It's really because I don't give myself enough time to pack a lunch in the morning.

I have the same lovely woman take my order both times. At this particular establishment apparently it is a policy that they write the customer's name on the receipt so that the orders of roughly five people the entire restaurant don't get mixed up. 

To ensure the security of my chicken nuggets, I gave the woman my name. Stephanie. She stared at me blankly. I said again "Stephanie".  

She scrambled around a few minutes for a pencil and began to write. She got as far as S before she asked "Stephie. Is that S-P...or S-T??"  

Oh. This stranger did not just call me "It's S-T". She continues to write. Once she got through Steph I should have stopped her. I don't know what I was thinking. But I watched as she wrote. Then erased. And wrote some more. Erased one more time. The finished product read: S-T-E-P-H-I-N-E. 

She looked up at me and smiled. "Right?" "Close enough". "It's a A at the end huh. I knew it". Before I could respond she changes my name to Stephina, slides me some fries, and sends me on my way. 
Maybe it's my accidental side-pony that made me look like a Stephina.
So today I go back. The place is dead hopping as usual and homegirl offers to take my order. I give her my name again, thinking at this point we should be on a first-name basis. She had her pen behind her ear this time; obviously gunning for employee of the month. 

She writes S on my receipt. "Is it a P or a T?"

"It's a T"
My name actually gets misspelled pretty often, believe it or not.This particular variation is beginning to grow on me. Perhaps I'll make the change permanent to make it easier on the general public.

xo Stephina


  1. HAHAHAHA...she seriously didn't know how to spell "Stephanie?" What in the world...

    Hilarious post though, Stephina. ;)

  2. That is hilarious! It's not like Stephanie's exactly... exotic.