Monday, March 4, 2013


...that's the color that's on my nails right now. Oh say...can you see my patriotic American flag blanket?
This is one of the "Fast Dry" polishes from Wet N Wild and I don't love it. The color isn't bad, and it did dry really quickly but the polish seemed really watery and flat. It took two coats to get opacity that was just so-so. Why am I talking to you about my nail polish?? Because you'll listen. And because one of my students got me a mani/pedi gift certificate for Christmas and I've been too embarrassed by the condition of my nails to go; so I'm trying to keep them painted so I stop biting them. 

Anyway, what else is new? I didn't do a whole lot this weekend. We went to visit a friend Saturday night and had an evening of wine and Settlers of Catan. Did you know that when you start to speak in an accent while you're drinking it's really hard to stop? one thinks it's as funny as you do?! Sunday morning I had to play organ for early service at church (7:45. Ouch). When we got home we both pretty much crashed and napped/lazed around most of the day. 

And we're back to Monday. I went to Zumba again tonight. One of the sub teachers at my school heard me talking about it last week and decided to tag along. For a 60 year old woman, girl has moves. I also accidentally joined choir. I'm sure you're wondering how in the world I can accidentally join choir, so I'll tell you. 

The choir director and pastor's wife regularly attend Zumba and have been trying to get me to come to choir for a few weeks. Tonight I decided to drop in and see what it was all about. I was immediately given a folder and a seat and told "Oh good! I typed a list of everyone's contact information but forgot to print it; now I can add you". So I guess I'm in choir! I've actually been missing being in a choir since we've moved here, so I'm excited even though my Mondays are now fullll (Work til 5:30, Zumba from 6-7, choir from 7-8).

That's all, folks. Hope you had a pleasant Monday.
xo Steph

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  1. I want to do Zumba! And be in a choir! I am now officially living vicariously through you. Haha.