Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How Not to Be a Slob

Right now, I'm home. It's 2:30 in the afternoon, and I'm home. I actually got home about an hour ago. I'm not going to lie, getting an afternoon off that I actually get to enjoy is pretty blissful. You know what I've been doing since I've been home? Cleaning. I'm obviously not an expert in keeping a clean house but I thought I'd share some life lessons I've learned. You're welcome. 
someecards.com - I'm going to start cleaning my house. And by cleaning, I mean drinking wine and spraying everything with Febreze.

1. Do it now. If you're like me, you often fall prey to the notion "I'll just sit down for a minute and (read a blog, have a drink, watch this show, whatever it is you do...). Then I'll get up and do the dishes". Stop it. No you won't. Before you know it you'll have devoured half a pizza and watched two hours of Duck Dynasty. And of course your dishes will live to stink another day. 

2. The little things add up. Here's another trap. Leaving one pair of socks on the floor isn't going to hurt anything, right? Wrong. What started with a pair of socks will soon be your entire wardrobe and you're stuck wearing bathing suit bottoms as underwear because you have no laundry.

On the flip flop, if you take 10 minutes to do a little cleanup (Justin and I try make sure all of the end tables are cleaned off and that all of the major sticky food is rinsed off the dishes before bed) it will be much easier in the end.

3. Work while you wait. Some chores take forever--stupid laundry--and you can't just get it done quick. But there are lots of things you can do while you're waiting for the dryer to stop (or dinner to cook, or whatever you're waiting for). Plus it's kind of fun to make it into a challenge; "Can I get all of the dishes done before the oven timer goes off?"

4. Take advantage of ambition. Of course when you come home from working your long hours the last thing you want to do is scrub counters and fold laundry. But the moment you get that second wind, put it to work! I left work with the intention of taking a nap and lazing around until zumba. When I got here though, I saw dishes on the counter and the ambition kicked in. I've since done a load of laundry (cleaned and folded, thank you very much!), dishes, swept the floor, and baked cookies (Already did those dishes too. Bam.).
 Those are my cleaning tips. If you have any others I'd love to hear them. Keep it classy, blog land. 
xo Steph


  1. Love this!! Great reminder, I definitely need to put more of these into action. I'm majorly guilty of #1..."I just need to relax for TEN MINUTES and then I'll get up and clean..." Ten minutes becomes two hours, easy. And then "oops" it's too late and it's time for bed.

  2. I usually wash the dishes while I cook, so there's only the plates, silver ware and the pots or pans to clean after dinner (can you believe it, no dishwasher in our house due to extremely small kitchen!)

  3. Ambition is the best! I love when it kicks in and then you get so much done!

    Yes, taking 10 minutes to tidy up makes everything so much better!

  4. I so agree with this. One of the tips in The Happiness Project was to do right now anything that took less than three minutes (I think it was three, or maybe five, either will work)to complete. This makes me empty the dishwasher a lot when I don't want to.

  5. awful at multi-tasking, so i struggle with it. but i love the idea!!