Friday, April 26, 2013

My Thoughts on Things (Volume 2)

A few weeks back I posted a random collection of my thoughts here. Because I enjoyed writing it (and am suffering some writer's block) I am composing a second volume. Here's what's on my mind lately.

 Unless I directly involve you or strike up the conversation with you, my baby-making plans are not your business. I know you think you're taking an interest in my life. I know you like to make jokes about it. I can take it for the most part. But sometimes it's really intrusive and kind of rude.
When Justin and I start thinking about babies, the people who need to know will know. It would just be nice to not be bombarded with questions every time I choose water instead of an alcoholic beverage, or put on a few pounds, or get sick for Pete's sake. That's all. 

I'm not a fan of horror movies in general, but last night I saw a preview for this movie called The Purge

This is where I was going to put a picture from the trailer but it's too creepy. Sorry. 

The premise is apparently a town where for one night a year, the purge, all crime including murder is legal. The trailer follows one family who is trying to keep safe on this night. I am kind of appalled by this. Maybe I'm a bit sheltered, but the trailer made my stomach turn. This is not entertainment to me. 

Sometimes it's really nice when Justin and I are on separate schedules and eat on our own. That sounds awful. I just mean that I like a few foods that he doesn't like and it's nice to be able to cook them sometimes. Fish and rice, specifically! 

I wish I had more time to devote to my blog. I'm a little jealous of those bloggers who post every day and it makes me sad that it's been almost a week since I've posted last. I haven't gotten into a posting schedule yet. If anyone has any tips on this, I'd love to hear them. 

Those are my thoughts. I'm off to enjoy my weekend now. 
xo Steph  


  1. Blogging can easily become a burden. For example, I love it. But I also start to feel edgy if I don't get a chance to read blogs everyday. I try to have a schedule bc that's what keeps ppl coming back, but sometimes I don't feel like posting.

    And the baby thing? Couldn't agree with you more!

  2. I wrote you a whole comment on Friday and it didnt post :(

    Anyway, I agree with t he blogging thing. I sometimes feel guilty if I dont post everyday. I havent had much to write about and its make me crazy! I feel out of the loop if I dont read blogs alot! I also agree with the food thing. My fiance and I dont always see eye to eye about what food we like, so when he's working we eat something he might not like. I'd rather do that than listen to him huff and puff because he doesnt like the meal. And horror movies...not my kind of excitement!

    New follower :)

  3. Tons of people ask me the baby question and I always say, "Not today" with a smile. As soon as you're married, apparently, that topic is fair game.

    I post blogs every day but I don't write every day. I typically keep records of my ideas throughout the week and then write up a bunch of posts on my one day off and schedule them. Yesterday I had a day off while Angel was working...and I had nothing better to do so I scheduled 8 blog posts. But during the work week, I totally understand not having extra time for writing!