Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our House Is a Very Very Very Fine House

Yes, you read that correctly: our house. Offer. Accepted. 
There was another showing and offer being made the morning after we wrote ours, but it still only took our realtor 24 hours to get back to us! The wait. was. torture. I couldn't concentrate on anything. After work we went for dinner with some of my coworkers and that's where we were when our realtor called. 

I've obviously been glued to Pinterest scouting out color palettes and home decor like:
This gray and yellow bedroom (also would be pretty for kitchen) {source}
And this beautifully organized laundry room {source}

 I am so excited to have a laundry room, guys. You have no idea. Granted it's in the cold and unfinished basement, but it will be mine. No more laundry card, no more $1.25 to wash clothes and another $1.25 to dry, no more small window of hours that I'm allowed to do laundry. I have big plans to spruce up this area. Big plans.
Like this red and brown bathroom {source}


You know what else I have big plans for? My (Ok, our...but we all know Justin isn't as excited about this as I am) private master bathroom. Dream. Come. True. Nice spacious shower stall, beautiful light fixtures, makeup counter. Oh. You want to take a shower? Your bathroom is downstairs. This one is mine.
Piano/Music room {source}
 It has been years since I've had a piano of my own. We had one in my house growing up but when I left for college my parents sold it. Of course I couldn't have one in my dorm room or apartment. Justin's parents have one that they are graciously bestowing upon us (no one there plays it and they have wanted to get rid of it for a while). I'm really excited about this, ok?

We just made our appointment with the home inspector. We're re-working our budget, because obviously things will be a little tighter now with a house payment and all of the things that go along with it. I'm actually really excited to start packing.
 I'm a big kid now.
xo Steph


  1. Congrats on your new home! This is really exciting news!!

  2. wow, that is terribly exciting! And I can truly imagine how excited you must be to be able to do laundry in your own home!