Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Ok!

I wasn't going to do this linkup today. I haven't done it in a while. But because there are only a couple more Thursdays left before it's done for good, I had to join in again. 

Its Ok Thursdays 
It's ok....
-That I just got emotional watching the beginning of Mrs. Doubtfire, when Sally Field tells Robin Williams she wants a divorce. 

-That I enjoyed enough "Teacher Appreciation" treats and sweets this week to last me all year. 

-That my friend asked me to go to water aerobics at five freaking forty-five in the morning and I still haven't decided. Thanks to the previously mentioned deliciousness though, I don't have much choice.

-That I'm bored of the "Blog everyday in May" posts. Reading 24396798 people post about the same thing each day is a little excessive.
-That I have two baskets of clean laundry sitting in baskets unfolded. 
-And that I only did said laundry so that I had a pair of yoga pants to wear to work tomorrow. 
-That I have a few big decisions to make soon. 
-That I only have to work until noon tomorrow. That's more than ok, it's actually really awesome. 
Happy almost weekend
xo Steph


  1. I take your two baskets of unfolded laundry and raise to three ;-) *filing in domesticity* (is that even a word??)

  2. that's why i never do those blog challenges; i can barely come up with enough interesting content in a single week let alone every day!