Wednesday, May 8, 2013

That Time I Did a Weekend Update on Wednesday

This past weekend was crazy, fast, exhausting, and a big ball of emotions.

Thursday morning I headed to Michigan with a friend for a wedding. After our 8 hour trip we rolled in (looking a hot mess) right on time for the rehearsal.
You can't really tell, but we are drinking Kool-aid bursts and eating Lunchables. Essentials for any road trip. Just like my $5 House of Blues sunglasses. 

Thursday night we all stayed at my parents' house (but didn't actually see my parents because we got back too late) and celebrated Tiff's last single night by watching Pitch Perfect and eating ice cream; just like the old days (except the movie was Mean Girls back then).

Speaking of the old days, this wedding was a wonderful reunion of friends. I am blessed to still be close with the friends I had in high school (and we all went to college together) even though we now live in all different parts of the country.
This is what happens every time we get together. Even 8 years later.

As soon as we all saw each other it was like no time had passed. We laughed until tears rolled down our faces. Then when we started talking about how things have changed and we cried all over again. Even after T&E took off for their honeymoon we stayed and sat on a picnic table outside of the church until ours was the last car in the parking lot.

The wedding was beautiful. Everything was so cute and pinterest-y, and the weather was perfect. And the next morning we were on the road back to real life. Leaving my family and friends behind was really hard, especially after such a short visit. Ang, I wish you could've been there too!

And now it's back to the grind; I have to go finish laundry so I have clean clothes to wear tomorrow. Peace out, girl scouts. 
xo Steph

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