Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Found My Thrill

...on Blueberry Hill.

Today Sara and I met up for a day of brunch and shopping. We went to a pancake place called Blueberry Hill. It seemed right to order blueberry pancakes. They were delicious. After fueling up with several cups of tasty diner coffee we stopped off to pick up a wedding present (Emily, if you're reading'll find out next week!!) and do some other shopping. 

Because it's my birthday month, I got my free birthday gift from Sephora: Benefit mascara/highlighter. And some other things. This place is my weakness. 

And then we found these mustaches. It was a grand old day, and now I'm home procrastinating the planning of my short week. YES!! A short week. I have a half-day on Tuesday and Thursday, and am off Friday to Emily's wedding! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
xo Steph


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