Sunday, June 16, 2013

The First Year

Today is our first anniversary. 
Can you believe I lasted a year with this cheeseball? 

I try not to be too mushy on this here blog (although sometimes I just can't help it), but today is a special day. And Justin is a pretty special guy. Here are a few reasons why.
  • He puts up with my constant want to take pictures. (The picture above is one of many from a series of ridiculous "anniversary picture" shots. He made me vow not to post the others anywhere on the net.)
  • He lets me have the closer parking spot. We have two assigned spots in the lot at our building. They aren't far apart, but he always parks in the farther one. The little things.
  • He's incredibly calm and level-headed. We all know I worry a little too much. About everything. Justin has a very loving way of saying "Hey. You're being ridiculous. Settle down". 
  • He is an amazing cook. Since we've been married I've gained 20 lbs. 'Nuff said. 
  • He is romantic. We agreed on no anniversary/birthday gifts this year because finances are going to be tight with buying the house. But as soon as I opened my laptop this morning there was a sweet little card tucked inside. 
  • He's adorable. I mean, come on. 
Of course this list is just scratching the surface. We were blessed with a great first year of marriage and look forward to many more! 

xo Steph

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