Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Silent Manicure

Here's my snap for today.

I got a gift certificate to a nail salon from one of my students at Christmas. It expires next week so I decided to give acrylics a try. Friends, my nails are in such poor shape. I bite my nails and when I paint them I let it chip off until there's none left.

I got out of work at 12:30 so I went right to the salon. I started to sign in and was preparing to have a seat and wait, since I was a walk-in when the lady up front said "Is it ok if you just come back later? I sign you in. 40 minutes". Ooook. I guess I'll come back later. Thankfully this place is less than 5 minutes away from my home so I just came back and watched some Grey's Anatomy. 

Because I was excited, and because it was free, and I had the afternoon off, I went back. I still had to stand in the lobby for about 5 minutes before anyone spoke to me. Then I was pointed to a chair and waited there for a few more minutes. The man who ended up doing my nails didn't say a word to me the whole time. I almost fell asleep. He tapped on the tops of the lights, which I took to mean I needed to put my hands in. Then he got up and left and sat at the front desk. I was left on my own so I just sat until the lights went off. I got up and washed my hands, because that's what I saw another person do. I handed him my gift certificate, again, just assuming we were done...cuz he didn't tell me. He told me how much I owed him, crossed out the amount on my certificate and wrote how much was left. No goodbye or anything.

 I like the nails fine. It's probably not something I will do often. Even if I do, it won't be at this place. It's kind of expensive, it smells, and will take me a lot of getting used to. If you get a poorly written text from me filled with mistakes, I apologize and blame the nails.
xo Steph


  1. Haha...I HATE nail salons like that. Not that I ever get my nails done (it would take a gift certificate to get me to "spend" the money!) but I used to get acrylics occasionally in college, and they were all the same. Barely any words spoken, they just point and tap on things...guess it makes it so they don't HAVE to learn English...not to be stereotypical or anything buuuuutttt....

  2. Grr...irritating! I feel the same way I go to get my hair cut and the stylist doesn't talk. I feel very awkward.

  3. I've only been to one nail salon and that was for a pedicure, but they didn't talk to me either. Luckily, I had my mom with me so it wasn't completely awkward, but I can't imagine going there by myself and having to just sit there.

  4. I've never had acrylics, though I've learned how to do them, I would never want to, because of the smells. I'm not a terribly chatty stylist or nail person. I try to base how much I talk or ask questions based on how much the other person seems to want to talk, but I'm also perfectly comfortable with not talking. Probably 'cause I'm new I like to pay a little extra attention to what I'm doing! :P That's weird that they didn't say anything to you...now that I think about it, when I got a manicure for my wedding, the lady didn't say a word to me either. But I was totally fine with that because I feel more nervous when stylists I don't know try to talk to me.