Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hot & Cold

"You're hot and you're cold. You're yes then you're no" First order of business: I do not like Katy Perry's music, so I am miffed that this song is stuck in my head. 

What else has been going on lately? Well, yesterday I misread my schedule. I was supposed to get out at 12:30 but I read the wrong day and stayed until 3. Normally I wouldn't care but 1) I feel stupid; I went in and told my boss that there was a misprint on the schedule I had and asked her to print me a new one--when it was in fact my bad. 2) My parents are visiting for a limited time and it would have been nice to know I had the afternoon off to spend with them.

This morning I broke Justin's glasses while trying to get clothes out of my dresser. Thankfully he is a saint, was not upset, and had a back-up pair.

My parents are leaving today. The day after Nate left, they arrived and stayed for a week. We haven't been alone in our house for two weeks; it's going to feel very empty. But it will be oh so nice to be able to come home from work and go to bed early.

This is also Vacation Bible School week and I'm in charge of music. I was really nervous but it's been awesome to take a break from my every day toddler class and lead two sections of music. Kind of reminds me why I wanted to be a music teacher in the first place.

We finally finished the floor in the living room and put everything back together. Our piano got moved in. And we got some sweet red bookshelves to unload all of our books. It actually looks like a home in here now. But as always, there are a ton more projects to start on.

I keep feeling like today should be Friday. Thursday is being rude and getting in the way. Just hang on 'til tomorrow.
Xo Steph

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