Thursday, September 26, 2013

It smells like fall in our house. There's a pot of wild rice soup on the stove and there's a delightful Bergamot Woods candle burning on my coffee table. Apparently bergamot oil is found in a citrus fruit called a bergamot orange or something. Whatever. It smells delicious. The air has a nice chill, and thanks to the 100 year old architecture of our home, our living room does too.

I've really been dragging my feet about blogging lately. I've started and restarted this post many times but my life has been so consumed with lesson planning, parent teacher conferences, crocheting. And netflix. Speaking of crocheting, my good friend from school just had a baby and I made her this
I'm pretty proud of this, and I think it's the coolest thing I've ever made.
But anyway, I'm doing the Color Run with Emily this weekend. I've been training by drinking soda and sitting on the couch's gonna be rough great.  If I'm going to make it through 3.1 miles of being blasted with colors while I try not to pass out, I need some loud pump-it-up music in my ears. This is where you come in. I need your music suggestions. 


Xo Steph    

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  1. The blanket is absolutely GORGEOUS. Good job. pump up music...oy...I have no idea. The Scissor Sisters usually get me pumped. But that just might be me.