Monday, September 9, 2013

Skirtember-The First Week

I love to wear dresses. But I hardly ever do. I always feel like I will be overdressed, and usually settle on jeans. This week was a lot of fun though; I remixed some of my outfits and wore things from my closet I hadn't worn in a long time.

Many thanks to Justin for being my photographer this week!

Tuesday: Tank top//Target, Sweater//Target, Skirt//Target. (Not pictured are leggings from WalMart.
Wednesday: T-shirt//Walmart, Skirt//Target, Scarf//Charlotte Russe.
I did not wear a skirt on Monday as it was the last day of the long weekend and I spent most of it at home. Oops.

The first picture where I'm actually wearing shoes!
Thursday: Dress//Walmart, Sweater//Target, Belt//Target, Leggings//Walmart
Friday: Dress//Target (I tricked you! I'm wearing that green dress as a skirt. Who knew??), Tank//Kohl's
Sunday: Dress//Hand-me-down. I actually don't know where this came from. A friend gave it me a few years ago. Shoes//Walmart, and the star of the show: Red lipstick//Walgreens.

I skipped the skirt on Saturday because we were painting all day. Sunday I only wore the dress to church and swapped it out for my Lions gear as soon as we got home (sorry, Vikes)

This was also a fun work week. I put a lot more effort into my outfits for work than I usually do, and it was refreshing. Also sad. My usual work clothes consist of yoga pants, t-shirts, jeans or shorts. It was nice to step out of the box and do something different. Also the girls in my class think all dresses are "beautiful" so I got a lot of compliments. :-)

Today I am not wearing a skirt, but I am not giving up the week!
Xo Steph


  1. Love this! I know what you mean sometimes you just feel overdressed but it is nice sometimes to get in something other than jeans! You looked lovely and not overdressed :)

  2. It really has been fun this last few week to purposefully wear skirts and be a little more dressed up--I've also been trying to wear pieces that don't get worn very often--I'm glad you're having fun with this challenge, too!

  3. I never wear shoes in my photos... not enough pretty ones to make it worth while! And heck, I hardly wear shoes anyway!

    Thanks for participating in Skirtember! Can't wait to see more.


  4. Those are truly cute outfits...meaning you should wear dresses/skirts more often! You're good at it! Thanks for joining in :)