Monday, September 30, 2013

The Happiest 5k on the Planet

...aside from being out of shape and having to get up before 5 a.m. I did The Color Run yesterday! And yes, I actually ran most of it. Let me tell you about it.

We stayed overnight at Emily's house since she was running too, and it cut down on part of the drive. And we still had to get up before the friggin crack of dawn. Check-in opened at 6 and our handy race guide told us to be there early to avoid lines. How long do you think the line was when we got there? If you said "Zero people", you were right. So we spent all of two point five minutes checking in and were left with plenty of time to stand awkwardly and freeze.
I don't know why it's all stretched and distorted looking.
This is obviously pre-race, since we are still clean and white. And freezing. This is also right before Justin abandoned us and drove off to a warm establishment to drink coffee.

After about 40 minutes of prime people-watching time, they decided it was time for a group warmup. Everyone moseyed(??) their way over to the stage to get their Zumba on. There were 4 instructors on stage and they led the whole massive group in a couple of songs each until we all conga-ed over to the starting area.

There were 7500+ people running/walking so they let us start in waves. Before we started they gave everyone a packet of color to save for the end party. Of course 96.2% of people chose to open theirs and throw it out while they were waiting to start running. I think there were 4 color stations. Each one had about 10 people squeezing a bottle of color powder at everyone, cheering and shouting as we went through.

 At the finish line there was a color-covered man waiting about 10 feet out from the finish line trying to high five everyone who came through, and hoards of friendly people with water bottles to pass out. Just beyond the finish line was the stage and a massive dance party. This is why we were supposed to save the color packets. After scarfing down a complimentary granola bar, I pulled my color packet out of safe keeping a.k.a my bra (really..where were they expecting us to hold these things??) and went to find Emily.

There were people on stage throwing out free fanny packs and Color Run socks while the dance was happening, and every few songs they did a "color throw" and everyone in the audience threw their color in the air. It was...insane. From inside I could see everyone throw their arms in the air and then nothing. It was colorful for a hot second and then it turned into a big mushy cloud. Watching the color throw from the back was beautiful and incredible. I wish I had been able to get a picture of it.
This is clearly post-race. That big cloud in the background is color powder.
Look how white my freaking teeth are!! After Justin picked us up we went to Starbucks sporting our color with pride p.s. Chocolate Chai is the greatest thing. Ever. Then I came home to shower. The color came off much easier than I was expecting. My pants, socks, and bra even came clean right away. I haven't washed my shirt or head band yet; I want keep the color and the memories a little while longer. :-)

Aside from a few spots on my skin that are still tinted and tired legs, I feel great today. It was such a fun experience and I'm so glad to have been able to be a part of it. I would will definitely do it again!

Xo Steph

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