Friday, October 25, 2013

Gotta Get Down on Friday

It's 9 pm on Friday night and too late to craft a creative title and intro to this post. How was your Friday??

After work Justin and I went out to get my ring inspected and cleaned. I have to take it in twice a year to keep up the warranty. We grabbed some dinner at Red Robin (YUM!) You know you were thinking it too. Then I had some homework to finish up for my class naturally we went to Target. My homework is done so I'm linking up with Happies and Crappies and I don't care how late I am. 
 The Vintage Modern Wife & Brunch with Amber: Happies and Crappies Link Up 

Crappies Again, don't want to end my post on a crappy note.
-There will be no down time this weekend. I am busy all day, every day. And I just want to lay on the couch.
- My hands are already starting to crack and bleed. 
- I have several hours worth of shows to catch up on. And no time to watch them (see above).
- The red devil in my belly
-I got new slippers. That sounds a lot lamer than I thought it would. But they are cushy and warm and I get so excited when I see them waiting for me by the door. 
- I'm really proud of how much I've worked out this week. Especially with the whole period thing. 
-I made these baked chimichangas for dinner last night and they were DELICIOUS! 
-Jethro is curled up next to my leg right now and is purring away. Also keeping me warm. 

Happy Friday! 
Xo Steph

Friday, October 18, 2013

Happies and Crappies

Today I've decided to try this link up since it's Friday and I'm procrastinating real life.
The Vintage Modern Wife & Brunch with Amber: Happies and Crappies Link Up
If you aren't familiar with this link up, it's pretty simple; it's just a list of good things and not so good things from the week. Here goes. I'm going to start with crappies so that this post can end on a happy note.

I didn't go to Planet Fitness at all this week. I did zumba and swimming, but it was not a great week for workouts.
It rained the majority of the week. Do you know what it's like to be in charge of a room of 2-3 year olds who can't go outside?! It's crappy.

My hair band snapped when I was trying to put my hair up today.

On another hair-related note, my hair is pretty chlorine fried from swimming.

The stars aligned today and my afternoon off landed on Friday. Hello, weekend.

That thing with the voice-over.

I have no plans or commitments this weekend. That sounds sad, but seriously I'm so excited not to have to go or be anywhere for the first time in weeks. 

My grandpa who was in the hospital last week got to come home finally!

There's a new Revenge, a new Grey's Anatomy, AND a new Big Bang Theory for me to catch up on. Hold the spoilers, please!

That's all I've got. Enjoy your weekend!
Xo Steph

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crazy Random Happenstance

Apparently I found my life's calling. They are putting together a promotional video for the childcare center and church that I work for. Today, with zero notice, they asked me to try reading the voice-over script. And I was all...
So we went into the conference room and I looked over the script (on his phone because it never got printed..) quickly then started recording.

Movie Guy: "Wow. You really knocked it out of the park. I'm going to have you do it one more time just so I can adjust a mic level. But seriously, you have a gift."

So I read it again. 

Movie Guy: "Really awesome. You have the voice for this. You knocked it out of the park." (he said that three or four more times) "Now I want you to read (other person from the church video)'s part and just see how it goes".

So I read the other script.

Movie Guy: "Perfect. We don't even need to run it again. I'm so glad they recommended you for this." guessed it... "You really knocked it out of the park".

And as I'm getting ready to leave..

Movie Guy: "I'm going to leave a card with you. Also, if you're interested I'd love to get in touch with you again about doing some more voice work on another project my company is working on". 

So then I was all...
 In other news, my phone stopped working. I've had it too long for it to be covered by warranty but not long enough for me to be eligible for a new phone. So now I've got Justin's old phone reactivated until I can get a new one.

And I joined a gym. Planet Fitness. The first time I went, I ran in to my pastor. #sweaty #awkward  Later on in the week I stepped on a machine that I didn't really know how to use...because I thought it was something different. Did I just step down? Oh, no. Obviously I stayed on and faked it for 5ish minutes and hoped people thought it was my "warm up".

And our church is getting a new grand piano. They are having a concert to showcase it and they asked me to play for it.

 And....that's all I've got. It's been an interesting couple of days. One ticket to the weekend, please.
Xo Steph