Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear Everybody...

Dear Jethro, I'm sorry we made chicken last night and did not share it with you. But really, thank you for tipping over the garbage can over night so I could wake up to garbage and chicken bones strewn about the kitchen and dining room. Jerk. Later update: I found a chicken bone in the bathroom. Why are you eating chicken in the bathroom? Gross. 
A poor quality image of the face of guilt and shame.

Dear co-workers, Thank you for providing me with a multitude of delicious treats from the cookie exchange! I will try to share them with Justin. And not eat them all in one sitting.

Dear ABC Family, Thank you for making such wonderfully awful Christmas movies so I could spend my Saturday lazing about.
The Mistle-tones: A Musical (Music from the Original Television Movie)
 Dear Week-Before-Christmas, I know you're going to be crazy but please go quickly. Just not so quickly that I can't get everything done that needs to get done. Thanks.

Dear Laundry, I am so sick of you. You are always in the way, and never done. I know I should take more care of you. I'll try to do better. But seriously I hate you. With a fiery burning passion. 
Time For Dat

Dear Weekend, Thank you for being so good to me. You were the perfect mixture of relaxing and busy and productive. I spent you baking cookies, making yummy food, getting some cleaning done, exchanging cookies, celebrating a relative's birthday, and enjoying some holiday movies.

What did you do this weekend? I hope it was great.
Xo Steph


  1. Ugh Jethro. Get it together!

    Busy busy this weekend. I thrive on productivity.

  2. Oh, laundry. Truly the task that is never finished. Angel thinks I do laundry too often--but he'd probably be sad if I let it go and he ran out of socks...

  3. i don't mind doing laundry--i just hate putting it away!
    lol bad cat!

  4. OMG the laundry. i HATE IT. it's 2014, why hasn't anyone invented a machine that washes AND folds your clothes??

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Just stumbled across your blog and I totallllllly loathe laundry as well - I don't necessarily mind doing it, I just despise putting it away. It's usually to the point where I accidentally leave it in the washer and usually have to wash it a second time. I keep telling myself that I'll get better this year...