Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some Stuff

Hey. Hi. Hello. Let's catch up.

Since I'm not interested in actually writing recap posts, and it's a week after Thanksgiving, I'll just give you the short version: Baked pies. Played organ. Ate too much. Detroit beat GB. Black Friday shopped. Napped. Decorated. Saw Catching Fire. Brother-in-law's birthday.
Funny Thanksgiving Ecard: Make sure the clothes you buy on Black Friday take into account how fat you got on Thanksgiving.

 Today my car broke down. I did not handle it with grace and poise, instead I worked myself into frustration and tears and let it ruin my afternoon. Thanks, car.

My hands look like I lost a fist fight with a brick wall. It happens every winter and I haven't found anything that really helps. But my nails look great...albeit short...thanks to Essie Mind Your Mittens. Bad picture.

I ordered a pair of boots online on Black Friday. They arrived today and they are gorgeous. I haven't tried them on yet though because of my post-car angst.

We're almost finished with The Office. I didn't realize how much I had missed. I'm trying to put off watching the last few because of the sad empty feeling that comes when a show ends. :-\
Last Saturday night we went down to my in-law's house to celebrate my youngest brother-in-law's birthday. Somewhere in the midst of pizza, old fashioneds, and chocolate cake, the home videos came out. It was adorable, hilarious, and one of the best nights of my life. Baby Justin was pretty cute!!

I'm sick of "Gift Guide" posts and articles. I understand some people are hard to buy for. But I would assume if you're buying a gift for someone, you should know a few things about them. So I don't really think a complete stranger can successfully help you pick out a gift. And finally, I've seen a "gift guide" for every freaking kind of person. Man. Woman. Fashionista. Mom. Just stop.

We're hosting Friendsgiving this weekend! Tonight is going to be a whirlwind of cleaning and prepping, and one more day of work to get through tomorrow before out of town friends get here!
What are you up to this weekend??
Xo Steph


  1. 1) I cannot stand paying for car repairs. It's seriously enough to make me want to just ride my bike or walk everywhere. If only I didn't live 8 miles from my job. I could ride a bike in the summer but I'd still be soaking wet (constant rain all year) and I'd have to leave at like 6am.

    2) My hands are SO DRY this year! They're not normally so bad but they've been red and itchy and just yuck. I've been using Burt's Bees Milk and Honey lotion, it seems to help a bit but I still have to put it on every few hours.

    3) We did the same thing with The Office. We watched all but the last episode and then refused to watch it for almost a month, in denial that it was almost over. We finally broke down and watched it, though. You'll love it. They couldn't have done a better job ending it.

    4) Home movies of husbands as littles are THE BEST. Isaiah's grandma has been sending tons of home videos that she's has transferred onto DVD recently, it's so fun watching him when he's 3-4 years old. Makes me want bebes in a bad way. Oops.

    5) Gift guide posts...THANK YOU. I have been afraid to say anything like that because it seems like everything I say ends up offending someone, but I feel the same way. They do nothing for me, I've never once bought anybody anything off one of those lists, and only once have I actually thought one of the suggestions was something Isaiah might like. Other than that...I can think up my own presents, thankyouverymuch.

    Glad you're posting again!!!

  2. You're a Detroit fan?! I am glad that the Lions won on Thanksgiving, because I am sure a loss would have ruined his day. lol

    I am sorry your car is being crappy and costing you money! Mine did that 2 months ago and it was awful.

    I do not have Essie Mind your mittens in my collection. I think I need that!

    Have a great Friday Eve