Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Violet VoxBox

This week I got my Violet VoxBox from Influenster. If you're not familiar with influenster, check them out here. This has been my favorite box so far. Here's what I got:
My ipad camera doesn't exactly do this color justice...there are a lot of beautiful blues and greens in it!
This is Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Fanta-sea. It's a very fine glitter with hints of silver, green, and aqua/blue. When I first used this, I was kind of disappointed. It was very sheer and took 2-3 coats to reach an opacity that was just so-so. It also took forever to dry and smudged really easily. In just a day or so it was all smudged and peeled off. Today I put it on over top of Essie Mind Your Mittens. I was happy with just one coat, and since I didn't have to pile it on, it dried quicker and hasn't smudged. Using a base coat underneath really makes the colors pop. The application was pretty smooth and comes with a flat, rounded tip brush. I would consider trying some of the non-glitter polishes in this line. 

This Goody QuikStyle brush looks pretty bizarre. Those little blue fuzzy things in between the bristles are microfiber bristles to help soak up the extra water after you wash your hair. It's kind of weird, but it does work. I have been using his right after I get out of the shower and it cuts down the time it takes for my hair to air dry. The brush is really light which makes it easy to use, and is also very gentle on the hair and scalp. I haven't been able to get the microfiber bristles to stand back up as well as they originally did but they seem to dry back out pretty well. Even though I probably wouldn't have gravitated toward this product had I just seen it in the store, I really like it!

Well hello, cheesy selfie and giant forehead. This is another product from Goody...the Athletique Adjustable Yoga Wicking headband. I tend not to wear a lot of headbands, especially when working out because they always slip and slide right off of my head. I have only worn this around the house but I haven't had one problem with it falling off! There is a Velcro strip on the back that allows the band to adjust and fit perfectly! The material is nice and snug so it doesn't get all stretched out, and it's very comfortable. I absolutely recommend this headband!

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you think!
Xo Steph


  1. I'll have to check out that headband! I have an issue with them being too tight and me getting headaches all the time from them!

  2. I have the quickstyle brush. I don't use it on my own hair because curly hair + brush equals disaster, but I used to use it on my mannikin in beauty school when blowdrying her hair because I really just wanted to dry its hair as fast as possible!!

  3. i just reviewed my rose vox box! i'm not a headband kinda gal either.