Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Stuff & Things

I was pumped when I checked my bloglovin feed this morning and saw this linkup happening today. I always end up missing it during the week, no matter how hard I try to remember!

-So. How was your Christmas? Mine was nice. It's good to be home with my parents.

-It was the first Christmas without my grandpa. Instead of going to my grandparents' farmhouse, where we've gone since I was little, we went to my grandma's new condo. We didn't sit behind him in church, or crowd around his chair for a photo, or listen to him laugh when he won at cards. But we did share stories, look at old pictures, and hold on to the memories we have.

Phew. Happy times.

-Let's talk about holiday eating. Hmph. The first day we were here, my grandma enlisted us to come help frost all of the cookies she baked. As grandma's do, she started pushing food at us the second we walked in. Both Christmas Eve and Christmas day included delicious, home-cooked feasts and leftovers that will haunt and tempt me for the remainder of this vacation.

-Presents are cool. My family loves to give gifts. Both Justin and I got a lot of really nice things and are very thankful. This is one of the gifts I'm most excited about!

Photo from

-Why is there never enough time?! I love coming back to my parents' house, but I hate that there's never enough time to see everyone I want to see or spend enough time with everyone. Leaving to go home is always rough.

I hope you had a good Christmas, and enjoy the rest of 2014!
Xo Steph

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Fun

I may have done this survey thing before. But I'm following Angi's lead. 

4 names people call you other than your real name:
1. Teacher
2. Weeb
3. Stephie (DON'T call me this. Unless you're my grandpa.)
4. "Hey". I don't get this as much as anymore, but every once in a while I have to remind my students my name is not "hey". 

4 jobs I've had:
1. Janitor
2. Office Assistant
3. Cashier
4. Teacher 

4 movies you've seen more than once:
1. Just Friends
2. Anchorman
3. Forest Gump
4. Newsies

4 Books I'd Recommend:
1. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
2. Anything by Sarah Dessen
3. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
4. The Harry Potter series

4 places I've lived:
1. Michigan
2. Minnesota
3. Wisconsin
4. Florida

4 places you've visited:
1. London
2. Denver, CO
3. Nashville, TN
4. New York City

4 places you'd rather be right now:
1. Somewhere warm and dry
2. With my family
3. In a big city somewhere
4. Europe

4 things I don't eat:
1. Meatloaf
2. Sloppy joes
3. Onions
4. Sushi

4 of my favorite foods:
1. Potatoes (see: french fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, etc.)
2. Pineapple
3. Pasta
4. Ice cream

4 TV shows I watch: 
1. The Big Bang Theory
2. Pretty Little Liars
3. The Pioneer Woman
4.  Reruns on Netflix 

4 Things I'm looking forward to this year:
1. Christmas
2. Visiting friends and family back home
3. A real teacher "Summer"
4. Taking on some new home-improvement projects.

4 Things I'm always saying:
1. "Use your walking feet, please"
2. "Did you wash your hands?" 
3. "No, Jethro!" 
4. "That is/was/is gonna be a hot mess"

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Advent Thoughts

I promised you a recipe in my last post. It's sitting comfortably in my drafts right now. This is just one of those posts that need to happen sometimes.

I'm feeling very overwhelmed.

I've accidentally double-booked my calendar more than once already this month. I just keep saying 'yes' to things and committing to things because it's Christmas and you can't let people down at Christmas, right?

Today we had a two-hour delay. I got an extra half hour of sleep, but starting late just threw off the whole day. Being two hours off schedule during the school day just messes everything up. Teachers, am I right? We only had four days to start with this week, and the thought of trying to fit everything in is giving me anxiety.

We have a choir concert/worship ensemble performance this weekend. Tonight we cut a much-needed practice short so people could watch the Packer game. Now we have to make it up another night. Only in Wisconsin. For the record, I am not watching the Packer game. 

Yesterday I was playing organ for church. I realized halfway through one of the hymns that I only had one of the two pages in front of me. I had to improvise the refrain. For four verses. It was terrifying and I couldn't get back on track after that.

Isn't this the season of peace? Why does it feel so stressful and busy? Instead of focusing on preparing for Jesus, I'm getting caught up in kids' Christmas programs, shopping, traveling, appointments, meetings, and I totally have the wrong attitude.

I need to take a breath and focus. I hope you remember to do the same.

O come, o come, Emmanuel
And ransom captive Israel,
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the son of God appear. 
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel 
Shall come to you, o Israel.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Life Lately

Oh, hey. Hi. I'm blogging. It's been a while. Here's what's been happening.

I saw The Sound of Music four times in a weekend. The students did great. Of course I'm a little bit biased, but the director did a great job too. I was very impressed by the dedication and hard work that everyone put in to the show.

Then we took a mini-vacation. After months of hardly seeing each other and devoting evenings/weekends to the musical, we decided we needed a night away. Obviously we could have used more than a night, but we took what we could get. We went to the Christkindlmarket and spent the night in the city. The next day we walked around down town, visited my brother-in-law, and went to a couple of museums.  I took a bunch of pictures so I could make this its own blog post, but that didn't happen.

Top Left: A view of our hotel room. Top Right: Our hotel was in the old Pabst brewery. This was right outside.
Bottom Left: These gentlemen were playing some delightful tunes at the Christmas Market. Bottom Right: Downtown shopping.

And we saw the Lion King. Going to the theater is one of our favorite things to do together. This was honestly one of the coolest shows I've ever seen. Whether you're a fan of musicals or not, I absolutely recommend this one. The costumes, set, and music were fantastic.

Oh yeah...we hosted Thanksgiving. By some miracle we whipped our house into shape in enough time to host 20 of Justin's family members on Thanksgiving. It was actually a lot of fun. Everyone brought a dish so we didn't have to cook everything. Everyone took something home so we didn't have a ridiculous amount of leftovers. And it was great to crash in my own house at the end of the night.

I shopped on Black Friday. A little. Okay. I also shopped a little on Thursday with my mother-in-law. People in our town don't seem to get too crazy on Black Friday. We hardly waited in any lines and parking wasn't too bad. Of course, there weren't a whole lot of great deals to be had.

Look out for a recipe post coming up! Aside from Thanksgiving, there hasn't really been a proper meal cooked in our kitchen in quite a while. To be fair, I'm not sure if this qualifies as a "real meal", but I cooked up one of my favorite quick and simple dinners tonight and want to share!

Xo Steph

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Friday afternoon I was home by 3:30. That's the first time all school year that has happened, and I don't anticipate it happening very often. Justin's school organized another trip to the opera and I went along.

I don't have a ton of opera knowledge by any means, but of the three I've seen this was my favorite. The story was very interesting (The Flying Dutchman by Wagner), the set and lights were fantastic, and of course the music was great. It was also nice to get dressed up for a night and go out with my husband (along with two other couples and 18 students).

Saturday I went to Party In Pink Zumbathon. It was two hours of Zumba, door prizes, a raffle, and great fun with all of the proceeds going toward the Zumba Global Research Grant for Breast Cancer Prevention. It was a great turn out and a ton of fun. If I weren't so sore and tired, I'd be kicking myself for not taking pictures. After a quick shower we headed down to go to church and have dinner with Justin's parents and brother, who is home from college for a visit. 

Sundays are just rough. Something about knowing that the weekend is over and it's back to work in the morning make it really hard to be productive. After being at church at 7:15 to play hand bells, I took a nap on the couch. We finished re-watching the last season of How I Met Your Mother, and I still hate it. 

Trick-Or-Treat in our town was this afternoon. We had a decent turn out and thankfully there isn't much candy left to tempt me. Jethro stood guard and watched the trick-or-treaters. They seemed to enjoy him too. 

What did you do this weekend?

Xo Steph

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I'm going to skip over the excuses about why I haven't been blogging, and spare you the "I promise I will do better"'s (because I probably won't) and leave you with the cold hard facts: I haven't blogged in two months.

I've got a couple of barely started unfinished drafts sitting in my post list, and my bloglovin' feed has over 80 unread posts. But as the modern white girl would say, I just "couldn't even"...with blogging.

Here's some stuff: 

-I'm writing this post at school *gasp*. My school is a unique situation. I teach PreK-K in the morning, and just K in the afternoon. Today my Kinders went on a field trip with the upper grades and my PreK left an hour ago. So I'm taking a breather after some planning and copying to eat lunch and listen to music that isn't performed by Dr. Jean or Laurie Berkner.

-My mom and grandma are coming to visit next week. I am SO excited. I invited my aunt and cousin to come too but then we decided that would be too much estrogen in the house for Justin to handle (see also: they couldn't get out of work).

-Between playing keyboard, handbells, and singing in choir at church I am booked every weekend  until Christmas. Sheesh.

-I've become a single woman again. Calm down. Justin and I are still married. He just spends the majority of his time on the musical he's directing so we don't see each other all that often these days.

And some things:

-On Tuesday my after school care supervisor quit. She is finishing out the week, meaning I have to find someone new by Monday. Yikes.

-We're going to the opera tomorrow. Justin organized a trip for students and I get to tag along. It's fun to dress up and pretend I'm classy for the night.

-I just finished the most delicious bowl of soup. I love soup in the fall/winter. There's nothing more cozy to me than a big pot of soup on the stove making everything warm and delicious. This weekend I made The Pioneer Woman's "Perfect Potato Soup" and it was delicious. I highly recommend it.

And some fun PreK quotes: 
"Mrs. L, is that you?! You look so different!" ...The day the kids sang in church, I wore a dress and my hair down. Apparently I need to put in more effort during the week.

"This year for halloween I'm going to be a vampire. Next year I'm going to be God, and after that I'll be Jesus" ....I can't wait to see these costumes.

"I want to tell you a fact. My grandpa said 'Never pee in the wind'. That's a fact". ...??

Kristin's Knook

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Things That Are Keeping Me From Blogging

Happy Thursday! Here's a collage of things that have been keeping me from blogging lately. 

He is the nosiest cat. And he has some sort of vendetta against my computer. Every time I open it, he starts pawing at it and trying to stick his paws underneath it. He also sits on top of it when it's on my lap. 

Baking. It must be the last few days of summer break getting to me. In the last week I have baked apple pie, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies. Last night I also made the best lasagna of my life. 

This wedding we went to. A friend of Justin's family got married last weekend and we I had a blast tearing up the dance floor. Justin doesn't dance. Fortunately the rest of his family does. 

My classroom. School starts next week and I've been doing a lot of running around trying to feel ready. 

Spending time with Justin. School started for him yesterday and pretty soon we will get into the routine of hardly seeing each other during the week, so the last few weeks we have been trying to spend as much time together as we can. Just enjoying the simple stuff like cooking dinner together, going grocery shopping, and sitting on the couch together watching Netflix. 

Pretty Little Liars. I'm finally caught up. You guys, this is one of those shows that makes me so mad but I've invested so much time in it that now I just have to know what happens. And, in all honesty, a few nights ago after watching a particularly creepy episode in the dark, I couldn't go to sleep. Anyone else get freaked out by a teeny-bopper ABC Family show? Just me?? ....

2048. My brother-in-law has beaten this game several times. He tried to show me how. I've watched Youtube tutorials. I. Cannot. Win. This is worse than Hay Day. 

I'm also linking up with Kristin for Stuff & Things. You should to!

Xo Steph

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stuff & Things

Today I made a pie crust by myself for the first time. Even though I got flour all over the kitchen and threw away the first batch of dough, it ended up looking pretty good. 
The crust is from Taste of Home and there is canned apple filling that my grandma made inside! 

After baking and cleaning up, I sat down to write this post. But right after I sat down, this little monster climbed in my lap and fell asleep. 

 Last weekend we went camping and I enjoyed it. It was actually really nice being away from internet, social media, and texting all weekend. We stayed up late around a campfire, played a bags tournament (I guess most people call it Corn hole...we just call it bags)(and found out that I'm kind of awesome at it), and went dancing one night when the campground had a DJ.

One more week of summer until school starts and I'm freaking out. I have copies made for the first week, my cubbies are labeled and my desk is organized. I'm nervous and scared and excited. But mostly nervous.  

My new/rediscovered favorite music is the Hairspray movie soundtrack that I found in the glove box of my car. I've been singing the crap out of it on my commutes to and from school. 

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend got us hooked on this game, Hay Day. It's pretty much just like Farmville, and I hate myself for playing it. Justin and I spent an entire evening on the couch playing it and selling farm stuff to each other. 

When we got home from camping Sunday we were both crashed in the living room when someone knocked on the door. There was no hiding, because the front door was wide open and the living room is in direct view. The lady said she used to live here growing up and it would mean so much to her to take a look inside. We walked her through the house and she told us all of the things her dad built/changed/fixed, the names of all of the neighbors who used to live around here, and lots of stories from her childhood. It was kind of weird having a stranger walk through our house, but kind of neat to hear some of the history. 

There really wasn't any structure to this post, but thanks for reading it anyway. I just wanted to join Kristin's Stuff & Things link-up. You should too! 

Xo Steph

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Positively Radiant!

A few weeks ago I received Aveeno's Positively Radiant Tone Corrector from Influenster to review. 
This product was complimentary from Influenster. All opinions of the product are my own.
As the name suggests, it is for dark spots and uneven skin tone. I have been using it for about three weeks and my skin looks much brighter and more even!

I put it on in the morning right after I get out of the shower. I concentrate it on my cheeks and under my eyes. The redness on my cheeks has improved and my skin looks a lot more even and smooth. 

It's not oily at all, but is really light weight, satiny and smooth. It feels really good on my skin and smells great! Sometimes I wear it under moisturizer (when I remember to put on moisturizer), and sometimes just under makeup. 

If you have dark spots or struggle with uneven skin tone, I definitely recommend this product! 

Xo Steph

Thanks Influenster for helping me stay #RadiantWithAVEENO

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Many moons ago Brittany tagged me in this fun summer survey. I love doing posts like this, especially when I'm feeling writer's block! 

1. Summer lipstick you're loving? I'm not much of a lipstick wearer, but I have been wearing the NYC Liquid Lipshine in Soho Peach quite a bit this summer.

2. Summer nail polish you're loving? Essie Turquoise & Caicos

3. Bathing suit you're loving this summer? I haven't been swimming, or needed to wear a bathing suit at all this summer. The only bathing suit I own is a purple one that I bought in Florida. 

4. Favourite summer Frappuccino from Starbucks? My usual Starbucks order when it's warm outside is unsweetened iced green tea.

5. Favourite fake tan? I don't fake tan; I rock the pale.

6. Favourite summer song? "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith. I heard this song over and over on the road trips we've taken this summer and I still love it.

7. Favourite summer accessory? I love toe rings in the summer. Maybe that's old school. I just think they're cute.

8. Favourite summer fragrance/perfume? Bath & Body Works always has great summer scents; right now I love Beautiful Day

9. Summer book you're loving? I'm still reading Insurgent. That's been my fall/winter/spring book too. 

10. What are you most excited to do this summer? I'm really excited to get my classroom set up, to be honest. I know summer has flown by and I'm not wishing it to go any faster, but I'm really excited to start a new adventure. 

I'm not going to tag anyone in particular, but if you're interested in doing this I tag YOU! 
Xo Steph

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Humpday Confessions

...This is my last week at my job. In fact, tomorrow is my last day. I get to spend the rest of the summer prepping a classroom, because in the fall I get to have my own preschool and kindergarten classroom!! 

...We have been doing quite a bit of traveling lately. Not big trips or anywhere super exciting, but a couple of weddings and family events out of town. A couple of weeks ago we were in Minnesota, and last week we were in Michigan. Seeing friends and family, and having some time away with Justin has been awesome.
Crossing the Mac, and entering the UP

...Catfish has taken over my life. A few nights ago I was watching an episode online and Justin went to bed. I ended up watching episode after episode. And before I knew it, it was 2 a.m. I wish this was an exaggeration.

...I'm really digging the cooler weather we've been having. Being able to wear jeans with my flip-flops, sleep with covers on, and not sweat every time I go outside is just fine with me.

...Going out on weeknights is not my jam. We went to a first birthday party for a friend's daughter last night and it was a blast! But getting to work at 7 this morning was rough. #i'manoldlady

Those are all of my confessions. Go link up!

Vodka and Soda

Thursday, July 10, 2014

An Independence Day Chipmunk

I know it's kind of late to recap the weekend of the 4th of July, but this is a story that must be shared.
This is Justin's red and white birthday cake. NOT a red, white, and, blue 4th of July cake. He was very specific.

We had a 4th of July get together with some friends at our house. We had a lovely barbecue, played some Catan, listened to some tunes, and enjoyed celebrating America's birthday and Justin's birthday weekend. The next morning I was sitting in the living room with some coffee and heard something squeaking. .

"It's just Jethro" Justin says. "He's playing in those boxes by the door and they're rubbing against the wall" he says. I dismissed it, assuming my darling thoughtful husband was right. I cleaned up the mess from the night before and we were just getting ready to leave when we saw it. A. Freaking. Chipmunk. Running. Across. My. Kitchen. 

True to form I screamed and ran into the living room, jumping on the couch. Justin opened the door and tried to shoo it out, but it ran into the basement and after vigorous searching he (by "he", I mean himself...because there was no way I was going to that basement) could not find it.

I finally dared to put my feet on the floor when Justin decided to leave me alone in the house with the thing and go get a live trap. Instead of catching rodents, as per his job description, Jethro sulked around the kitchen and ended up sitting in my lap until Justin got back. Justin stuck a blob of peanut butter in the bottom of the trap and set it in the basement, but by then we really had to leave.

Obviously the only thing I could think about all afternoon was the little beady eyed fur ball that could be terrorizing my house. When we finally got home Justin checked the trap. I diligently stood at the top of the stairs waiting for word on the weasel. Something had gotten the peanut butter (not Jethro, because he's too chunky to fit in the box) but not set off the trap. The monster was still at large.

Thankfully nothing was destroyed or even out of place. Justin's next bright idea was to set a second (DIY) trap and go to bed. Being the knight in shining armor that he is, he went upstairs first to make sure there were no signs of vermin.

The next morning, still no chipmunk. I sat in the kitchen for what seemed like forever just listening for squeaking, or rustling, or any other noise that a chipmunk might make. Finally Justin went downstairs to check it out and saw the mighty Jethro staring at the chipmunk. The two of them were just sitting there looking at each other. Resourcefully, Justin dropped the spaghetti strainer on top of it and managed to get it back outside.

Thanks for nothing, Jethro.
Xo Steph

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Currently

What a delightful weekend this has been! I had Friday off so I slept in, baked cookies, cleaned up around the house, caught up on blogs, and finally got Justin to watch Pitch Perfect and he loved it. Saturday we went to see a community theater production of The Sound of Music.
Like the photobomb from the founders of the theater?
This week I have a two day week. I don't have any lesson plans or prep work to do so I just get to spend the end of my weekend relaxing, so I thought I'd join in the Sunday Currently. 

Watching: The Office. I think this is the third time we're making our way through the series.

Writing: Notes in my calendar. Does that count? There are a lot of busy weekends coming up and a lot of things to do. 

Drinking: A coke. And wishing I could share one with my BFF like the can suggests! 

Needing: To get back to the gym. Zumba has been on a hiatus because the instructor has been out of town and has needed to cancel for various reasons. In the absence of Zumba, I have kind of fallen off of the workout wagon. 

Excited about: Celebrating a dear friend's wedding this weekend and seeing a lot of friends I haven't seen in a while.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. What are you up to currently?
Xo Steph

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Fiveo

Why hello, Friday morning. You sure look sweet from my cozy spot on the couch. The bowl of fruit loops, the cuddly cat sitting next to me, and the sweet sound of The Lumineers don't hurt either.

If you haven't gathered, I have today off. Knowing that I am at home on a weekday and that my weekend got a head start is bringing me such satisfaction. I've made a list of things I want/need to do today so that I don't end up wasting this glorious day. So far I've gotten through: Sleep in past 6 (I slept until 6:30, browsed facebook on my phone, and went back to sleep until 8) and catch up on blog reading. Here are a couple of other things on my list for the day:

1. Bake. I don't know what I want to bake yet. I'm taking a break from pouring over cookbooks. Of course before I can start baking I will need to clean the kitchen and go to the grocery store. Ughhh. 

2. Give myself a manicure. My mom and I got manicures when she visited last weekend. Yesterday one of my manicured nails started chipping so I devoted the next several minutes picking the polish off. Today I'm going to start fresh with one of the new Essie polishes I got for my birthday.
Decisions, decisions.

3. Clean the showers. I'm honestly kind of excited about this. I can't handle when our bathrooms are dirty (I can't handle any bathroom that is dirty, actually) and I'm glad to have the time to really deep clean. Is this some kind of crazy? I don't care. 

4. Burn candles. I don't know. Something about having candles burning makes everything feel really fresh and relaxed. I also just bought a new candle that I love and can't wait to spend the whole day with that scent. Again...crazy? Maybe. 
Tangerine & Olive Philosophie by Pure Natural

5. Play organ for fun. This weekend is the first in a while that I don't have to go play organ/piano at any church service. Usually I spend the few days before the service cramming in practice sessions. I got some old handmedown new-to-me books recently that I would love to try out and

Of course I would also like to clean other areas of my house, do some school planning for next week, and get to the bank and grocery store. But hey. One thing at a time. Justin said "It's your day off. Just relax. Don't worry about the house. You should bake though. Make sure you get that done." ...ain't he sweet?

Happy Friday!
Xo Steph

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why My Birthday Weekend Was Awesome

Today's the day! I'm officially a quarter of a century old. Here's a recap of all of the celebratory birthday awesomeness.

Friday we went to the Brewers game with Emily and Newlin. It was a blast!! We got home about 10 minutes before my parents got here. Then everyone crashed after a long, fun day.

Saturday we got to sleep in. My mom and I went and got our nails done while Justin and my dad grilled us up some lunch. We hung out and played cards until I had to go to church, and had a bonfire in the evening. 

Sunday we got up early and went to a car show by the lake. We saw a lot of cool cars that I knew nothing about. Thankfully my dad was there to educate all of us. We also saw the wiener mobile. We headed down to Justin's grandparents' house and had dinner with his family. Justin's mom gave me some Big Bang Theory socks for my birthday *that I don't have a picture of because I left them in Justin's car*, and we both gave our dads bottles of Crown Royal. We had birthday cake and ice cream, then it was time to come home. 

Monday My parents left when I left for work. About two hours into my day, I got to clean up puke and a potty accident. The rest of the day went pretty normally. After work we had to run some errands, then we went for birthday-versary dinner. We finished the night with champagne, and some reruns of The Office. 

Xo Steph

Monday, June 16, 2014

Two Years

Today is our second anniversary. 

Justin, I am so blessed to be your wife. Thank you for doing the yard work, reaching things off of the high shelves, mixing my drinks, watching t.v. in bed with me, making sure my car is working, and not getting upset when I drink milk out of the carton. Also for making me laugh, always being there for me, taking an interest in things that are important to me, and being a wonderful Christian husband who I am proud to call the head of our household. 

Thank you for spending the last two years with me, and I look forward to many more together. 
Xo Steph

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Birthday Week + About Me

Today's birthday week post is 25 random facts you probably don't know about me.
I'm ashamed to admit how long it took me to write this post. I blame it on Gossip Girl. And putting it off until the last minute. Which brings me to my first point...

1. I am a terrible procrastinator. I am great at starting projects (especially when it comes to crocheting and cleaning), but then I get an idea for another project and have trouble finishing the first one.

2. I over-think things a lot. Therefore trying to come up with 25 interesting facts about me is incredibly challenging.

3. Playing piano/organ relaxes me. But playing in front of people terrifies me.

4. I hate driving. Especially by myself, on long distances, at night, or pretty much anywhere ever.

5. I don't watch the news, talk about politics, or get in to discussions/arguments about current events.

6. I wash my hands compulsively. Working in child care does not help the situation. I just have a paranoia about germs on my hands.

7. Questions like "What is your favorite....?" give me anxiety because I can never just pick one thing.

8. I hate wearing my hair down. I have a hair tie with me at all times, because on the rare occasion that I do wear my hair down it only lasts about 10 minutes before it's driving me crazy.

9. Most nights I sleep with the television on. I can't shut my brain off so I turn on a show and zone out until I fall asleep.

10. I really don't like shopping. I'm cheap, and when I finally find something I think I'm going to buy, I end up talking myself out of it 90% of the time.

11. Water freaks me out. When I lived in Florida I couldn't go in the ocean past my knees because I was so afraid I'd suddenly not be able to touch the bottom and be whisked too far from shore to swim back.

12. Small talk makes me uncomfortable. If I don't have something to talk to you about, I probably won't talk. Maybe this makes me a bad person, I just don't want to get caught up in talking with someone about something neither of us really care about.

13. Change scares me. I always think about how fun and exciting it would be to move somewhere far away, or suddenly switch careers, or dye my hair...I chicken out because I'm afraid of regretting my decision.

14. I'm not a night owl. I hate making plans on weeknights because I'm almost always in bed by 10.

15. I took four years of Latin in high school, because I enjoyed it. Sometimes I regret not taking Spanish or German.

16. Also in high school, I was the equipment manager for the football team. I filled water bottles, fixed helmets, and cleaned cuts and scrapes for all four years.

17. I like to binge-watch tv shows. I'd rather wait until a show is on Netflix or dvd and watch it all right away. But then I get sad when it's over.

18. I don't like breakfast food. I like to eat breakfast in the morning, but I would rather have something quick like a granola bar or cereal.

19. I like cooking. I'm not great at it, but I make a damn good lasagna.

20. I am ridiculously pale. I burn and freckle, as red heads do, and I never ever tan.

21. If I could, I would wear flip flops all year round. All day, every day.

22. I shower at night instead of in the morning. Sometimes so I can let my hair air dry, but mostly so I can sleep longer in the morning.

23. I love to play word games like Scrabble, word scrambles, and crossword puzzles.

24. When I was a junior in college I went on a trip to England, and I have wanted to go back ever since.

25. I sing in the shower. And the car. And when I'm getting ready in the morning. And in the living room when no one is around.

Xo Steph