Friday, January 10, 2014

Happies & Crappies

It's Friday! You know what that means!

The Vintage Modern Wife & Brunch with Amber: Happies and Crappies Link Up

-Since I know everyone is tired about hearing about it, I'll just leave you with this; Polar. Vortex.
-Bills. Car repair bills specifically. Also included: home repair, student loans, and mortgage.
-TV network websites that require sign-in with a cable provider to watch their shows. If I had a cable provider, I wouldn't be trying to watch your show online.
-Taking down Christmas decorations is nowhere near as fun as putting them up.
-Last night I burned my fingers on a pan cooking dinner.
-We're out of Sleepytime tea.

-Yesterday I was sitting with one of my students after nap. Out of the blue he smiled and said "Look! I'm so happy because God washed my sins away!"
-My little knitting project is actually going pretty well. It's starting to look like a scarf.
-Along those same lines, I successfully mended a sweater that had a ripped seam and hemmed a pair of jeans. Bam.
-Justin was supposed to go out of town this week but (after he had driven over an hour toward his destination) he got a call that the conference was cancelled. This could be considered a crappy because the timing was poor. Also because I had planned a glorious week of watching the sappy movies and reality tv that he hates. But more importantly, I'm glad to have him home. 

What's happy and crappy with you this week?
Xo Steph


  1. UGH, yes to those dumb TV network sites. I don't get it. Do people actually watch online when they could just watch on their television??

    That is so cute what that student of your said! I love it when little kids are so innocent yet profound.

    Isaiah has to go out of town at the end of the month, probably for 3-4 days. It'll be the first time I've had to stay at our house alone, and I have to be honest, I'm freaking out a little bit. And then I remind myself that I lived in a not-so-awesome-or-safe part of West Seattle by myself for 6 months when I was a lot younger than I am now, and I wonder why I'm such a sissy in my old age.

  2. A to the MEN about those dumb websites! Isn't it also awesome that they used to be put on Hulu and now all you can see is "popular clips" such a crappie!!!

  3. Oh my goodness that student sounds adorable. I am so glad that I got out of MN like 2 days before the PV hit really hard.

  4. "If I had a cable provider, I wouldn't be trying to watch your show online." That seriously made me laugh out loud. My husband texted me a couple hours ago asking for the user name and password of our cable account so that he could watch a football game on his phone.

    I think the Polar Vortex is taking a time out, I hear it is supposed to be warming up?! I hate paying bills too! I would rather spend the money on a vacation!