Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Currently

What a delightful weekend this has been! I had Friday off so I slept in, baked cookies, cleaned up around the house, caught up on blogs, and finally got Justin to watch Pitch Perfect and he loved it. Saturday we went to see a community theater production of The Sound of Music.
Like the photobomb from the founders of the theater?
This week I have a two day week. I don't have any lesson plans or prep work to do so I just get to spend the end of my weekend relaxing, so I thought I'd join in the Sunday Currently. 

Watching: The Office. I think this is the third time we're making our way through the series.

Writing: Notes in my calendar. Does that count? There are a lot of busy weekends coming up and a lot of things to do. 

Drinking: A coke. And wishing I could share one with my BFF like the can suggests! 

Needing: To get back to the gym. Zumba has been on a hiatus because the instructor has been out of town and has needed to cancel for various reasons. In the absence of Zumba, I have kind of fallen off of the workout wagon. 

Excited about: Celebrating a dear friend's wedding this weekend and seeing a lot of friends I haven't seen in a while.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. What are you up to currently?
Xo Steph

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Fiveo

Why hello, Friday morning. You sure look sweet from my cozy spot on the couch. The bowl of fruit loops, the cuddly cat sitting next to me, and the sweet sound of The Lumineers don't hurt either.

If you haven't gathered, I have today off. Knowing that I am at home on a weekday and that my weekend got a head start is bringing me such satisfaction. I've made a list of things I want/need to do today so that I don't end up wasting this glorious day. So far I've gotten through: Sleep in past 6 (I slept until 6:30, browsed facebook on my phone, and went back to sleep until 8) and catch up on blog reading. Here are a couple of other things on my list for the day:

1. Bake. I don't know what I want to bake yet. I'm taking a break from pouring over cookbooks. Of course before I can start baking I will need to clean the kitchen and go to the grocery store. Ughhh. 

2. Give myself a manicure. My mom and I got manicures when she visited last weekend. Yesterday one of my manicured nails started chipping so I devoted the next several minutes picking the polish off. Today I'm going to start fresh with one of the new Essie polishes I got for my birthday.
Decisions, decisions.

3. Clean the showers. I'm honestly kind of excited about this. I can't handle when our bathrooms are dirty (I can't handle any bathroom that is dirty, actually) and I'm glad to have the time to really deep clean. Is this some kind of crazy? I don't care. 

4. Burn candles. I don't know. Something about having candles burning makes everything feel really fresh and relaxed. I also just bought a new candle that I love and can't wait to spend the whole day with that scent. Again...crazy? Maybe. 
Tangerine & Olive Philosophie by Pure Natural

5. Play organ for fun. This weekend is the first in a while that I don't have to go play organ/piano at any church service. Usually I spend the few days before the service cramming in practice sessions. I got some old handmedown new-to-me books recently that I would love to try out and

Of course I would also like to clean other areas of my house, do some school planning for next week, and get to the bank and grocery store. But hey. One thing at a time. Justin said "It's your day off. Just relax. Don't worry about the house. You should bake though. Make sure you get that done." ...ain't he sweet?

Happy Friday!
Xo Steph

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why My Birthday Weekend Was Awesome

Today's the day! I'm officially a quarter of a century old. Here's a recap of all of the celebratory birthday awesomeness.

Friday we went to the Brewers game with Emily and Newlin. It was a blast!! We got home about 10 minutes before my parents got here. Then everyone crashed after a long, fun day.

Saturday we got to sleep in. My mom and I went and got our nails done while Justin and my dad grilled us up some lunch. We hung out and played cards until I had to go to church, and had a bonfire in the evening. 

Sunday we got up early and went to a car show by the lake. We saw a lot of cool cars that I knew nothing about. Thankfully my dad was there to educate all of us. We also saw the wiener mobile. We headed down to Justin's grandparents' house and had dinner with his family. Justin's mom gave me some Big Bang Theory socks for my birthday *that I don't have a picture of because I left them in Justin's car*, and we both gave our dads bottles of Crown Royal. We had birthday cake and ice cream, then it was time to come home. 

Monday My parents left when I left for work. About two hours into my day, I got to clean up puke and a potty accident. The rest of the day went pretty normally. After work we had to run some errands, then we went for birthday-versary dinner. We finished the night with champagne, and some reruns of The Office. 

Xo Steph

Monday, June 16, 2014

Two Years

Today is our second anniversary. 

Justin, I am so blessed to be your wife. Thank you for doing the yard work, reaching things off of the high shelves, mixing my drinks, watching t.v. in bed with me, making sure my car is working, and not getting upset when I drink milk out of the carton. Also for making me laugh, always being there for me, taking an interest in things that are important to me, and being a wonderful Christian husband who I am proud to call the head of our household. 

Thank you for spending the last two years with me, and I look forward to many more together. 
Xo Steph

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Birthday Week + About Me

Today's birthday week post is 25 random facts you probably don't know about me.
I'm ashamed to admit how long it took me to write this post. I blame it on Gossip Girl. And putting it off until the last minute. Which brings me to my first point...

1. I am a terrible procrastinator. I am great at starting projects (especially when it comes to crocheting and cleaning), but then I get an idea for another project and have trouble finishing the first one.

2. I over-think things a lot. Therefore trying to come up with 25 interesting facts about me is incredibly challenging.

3. Playing piano/organ relaxes me. But playing in front of people terrifies me.

4. I hate driving. Especially by myself, on long distances, at night, or pretty much anywhere ever.

5. I don't watch the news, talk about politics, or get in to discussions/arguments about current events.

6. I wash my hands compulsively. Working in child care does not help the situation. I just have a paranoia about germs on my hands.

7. Questions like "What is your favorite....?" give me anxiety because I can never just pick one thing.

8. I hate wearing my hair down. I have a hair tie with me at all times, because on the rare occasion that I do wear my hair down it only lasts about 10 minutes before it's driving me crazy.

9. Most nights I sleep with the television on. I can't shut my brain off so I turn on a show and zone out until I fall asleep.

10. I really don't like shopping. I'm cheap, and when I finally find something I think I'm going to buy, I end up talking myself out of it 90% of the time.

11. Water freaks me out. When I lived in Florida I couldn't go in the ocean past my knees because I was so afraid I'd suddenly not be able to touch the bottom and be whisked too far from shore to swim back.

12. Small talk makes me uncomfortable. If I don't have something to talk to you about, I probably won't talk. Maybe this makes me a bad person, I just don't want to get caught up in talking with someone about something neither of us really care about.

13. Change scares me. I always think about how fun and exciting it would be to move somewhere far away, or suddenly switch careers, or dye my hair...I chicken out because I'm afraid of regretting my decision.

14. I'm not a night owl. I hate making plans on weeknights because I'm almost always in bed by 10.

15. I took four years of Latin in high school, because I enjoyed it. Sometimes I regret not taking Spanish or German.

16. Also in high school, I was the equipment manager for the football team. I filled water bottles, fixed helmets, and cleaned cuts and scrapes for all four years.

17. I like to binge-watch tv shows. I'd rather wait until a show is on Netflix or dvd and watch it all right away. But then I get sad when it's over.

18. I don't like breakfast food. I like to eat breakfast in the morning, but I would rather have something quick like a granola bar or cereal.

19. I like cooking. I'm not great at it, but I make a damn good lasagna.

20. I am ridiculously pale. I burn and freckle, as red heads do, and I never ever tan.

21. If I could, I would wear flip flops all year round. All day, every day.

22. I shower at night instead of in the morning. Sometimes so I can let my hair air dry, but mostly so I can sleep longer in the morning.

23. I love to play word games like Scrabble, word scrambles, and crossword puzzles.

24. When I was a junior in college I went on a trip to England, and I have wanted to go back ever since.

25. I sing in the shower. And the car. And when I'm getting ready in the morning. And in the living room when no one is around.

Xo Steph

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Birthday Week + Things

My friends, the time has come. It's birthday week!! In one week from today I will be turning 25!! Instead of partying like one should during one's birthday week, I will be working overtime and trying to get my house in order for a short-notice visit from my parents.

I thought it would be fun to do a little series revolving around the number "25" this week to celebrate. I'm kicking it off with my semi-serious, but mostly silly birthday wish list. Here goes!

1. Clawfoot Bathtub. Our bathroom has a very old, very small shower stall. This tub is my dream come true.
2. Vacation. I just want to take a vacation. A tropical vacation where I can sip fruity drinks by a pool would be preferred.

3. Viva La Juicy perfume. I'm cheap, and most of my perfume is either something I've been gifted, or from a major Bath & Body Works sale. 

4. A treadmill. I know now that it's nice outside I should be so excited to run outside. I just like to watch tv while I'm running, ok? It distracts me from how out of shape I am. 

5. Grand piano. There is no way we would ever fit one in our house. A girl can dream, right?

6. Essie nail polish. Like every color. No, really. All the colors! 

7. Lifetime supply of candles. I just go through a lot of candles and I like having them all over my house.

8. New kitchen sink. This is something that is actually on our to do list this summer. I hate the sink we have.

9. A nap. Uninterrupted, mid-day, windows open. Perfection.

10. This dessert.
Chocolate Passion Bowl  Chocolaty brownies with layers of pudding, whipped topping and fresh raspberriesall in one easy dessert? Cue the applause.

11. A free night with my husband. It's so rare that we are both home without something we have to be working on.

12. A corgi. My husband is not a dog person. How he can resist these stubby little legs and giant ears, I will never know. 
13. Spa day. Mani, pedi, massage...sign me up.

14. Clean house. I would love to wake up on my birthday and have my house be completely clean, put together, and organized. 

15. This stand mixer. Baking would be so much more fun.

16. For all of my friends to be in the same place at the same time. I miss my people. :-\

17. Another season of Breaking Bad. I just finished the last episode. I am not ready for that to be the end, and I want more. 

18. Cooking lessons from Ree Drummond. She is my hero. 

19. Central air. So far *fingers crossed* it has been pretty breezy in our house. I'm not looking forward to the day we have to put in our sad little window ACs.

20. A hot tub. I don't really want to own a hot tub. Just to go sit in one for a while, and have unlimited access to for a few weeks.

21. A dodge charger. I am getting pretty close to needing a new car. 
OMG!!! may have just changed my mind from wanting flat black to wanting pink! lol

22. Karaoke night. What would make this even better would be a karaoke night with my husband. He would *never* willingly go to, much less participate in, karaoke.

23. A porch swing. Maybe this is where I'll take my birthday nap.

24. Walk-in closet. And some clothes to fill it...?

25. A giant vodka tonic, with lots of lime. This is probably the most realistic thing on the list, and the most likely to actually happen. I love me some vodka tonic. 

Xo Steph