Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Birthday Week + Things

My friends, the time has come. It's birthday week!! In one week from today I will be turning 25!! Instead of partying like one should during one's birthday week, I will be working overtime and trying to get my house in order for a short-notice visit from my parents.

I thought it would be fun to do a little series revolving around the number "25" this week to celebrate. I'm kicking it off with my semi-serious, but mostly silly birthday wish list. Here goes!

1. Clawfoot Bathtub. Our bathroom has a very old, very small shower stall. This tub is my dream come true.
2. Vacation. I just want to take a vacation. A tropical vacation where I can sip fruity drinks by a pool would be preferred.

3. Viva La Juicy perfume. I'm cheap, and most of my perfume is either something I've been gifted, or from a major Bath & Body Works sale. 

4. A treadmill. I know now that it's nice outside I should be so excited to run outside. I just like to watch tv while I'm running, ok? It distracts me from how out of shape I am. 

5. Grand piano. There is no way we would ever fit one in our house. A girl can dream, right?

6. Essie nail polish. Like every color. No, really. All the colors! 

7. Lifetime supply of candles. I just go through a lot of candles and I like having them all over my house.

8. New kitchen sink. This is something that is actually on our to do list this summer. I hate the sink we have.

9. A nap. Uninterrupted, mid-day, windows open. Perfection.

10. This dessert.
Chocolate Passion Bowl  Chocolaty brownies with layers of pudding, whipped topping and fresh raspberriesall in one easy dessert? Cue the applause.

11. A free night with my husband. It's so rare that we are both home without something we have to be working on.

12. A corgi. My husband is not a dog person. How he can resist these stubby little legs and giant ears, I will never know. 
13. Spa day. Mani, pedi, massage...sign me up.

14. Clean house. I would love to wake up on my birthday and have my house be completely clean, put together, and organized. 

15. This stand mixer. Baking would be so much more fun.

16. For all of my friends to be in the same place at the same time. I miss my people. :-\

17. Another season of Breaking Bad. I just finished the last episode. I am not ready for that to be the end, and I want more. 

18. Cooking lessons from Ree Drummond. She is my hero. 

19. Central air. So far *fingers crossed* it has been pretty breezy in our house. I'm not looking forward to the day we have to put in our sad little window ACs.

20. A hot tub. I don't really want to own a hot tub. Just to go sit in one for a while, and have unlimited access to for a few weeks.

21. A dodge charger. I am getting pretty close to needing a new car. 
OMG!!! may have just changed my mind from wanting flat black to wanting pink! lol

22. Karaoke night. What would make this even better would be a karaoke night with my husband. He would *never* willingly go to, much less participate in, karaoke.

23. A porch swing. Maybe this is where I'll take my birthday nap.

24. Walk-in closet. And some clothes to fill it...?

25. A giant vodka tonic, with lots of lime. This is probably the most realistic thing on the list, and the most likely to actually happen. I love me some vodka tonic. 

Xo Steph


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK! I didn't realize ours were so close together - mine's this Thursday! Aren't June birthdays the best? 6 more months and it's Christmas!

    I love your birthday list, especially the grand piano, the new sink, all the candles in the world, and the walk in closet. Hey, girls can dream, right!?

  2. Those are some great birthday wishes…I like the new sink idea! Just schedule yourself a spa day and call it a birthday present. Why not?