Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Humpday Confessions

...This is my last week at my job. In fact, tomorrow is my last day. I get to spend the rest of the summer prepping a classroom, because in the fall I get to have my own preschool and kindergarten classroom!! 

...We have been doing quite a bit of traveling lately. Not big trips or anywhere super exciting, but a couple of weddings and family events out of town. A couple of weeks ago we were in Minnesota, and last week we were in Michigan. Seeing friends and family, and having some time away with Justin has been awesome.
Crossing the Mac, and entering the UP

...Catfish has taken over my life. A few nights ago I was watching an episode online and Justin went to bed. I ended up watching episode after episode. And before I knew it, it was 2 a.m. I wish this was an exaggeration.

...I'm really digging the cooler weather we've been having. Being able to wear jeans with my flip-flops, sleep with covers on, and not sweat every time I go outside is just fine with me.

...Going out on weeknights is not my jam. We went to a first birthday party for a friend's daughter last night and it was a blast! But getting to work at 7 this morning was rough. #i'manoldlady

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Vodka and Soda


  1. Congrats on the job! How exciting! Yeah I'd be lying if I didn't enjoy 70 degrees versus the 90 degrees we've been used to.

  2. No school night outings for me.

    Congratulations on the job! That's awesome.

  3. congrats on the new job :) so awesome.

    we're also have a cooler than normal summer and i'm not hating it! it's not humid and gross but sunny and warm with a nice breeze.

    thanks for linking up!

  4. Congrats on the new job that sounds incredible! x