Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Things That Are Keeping Me From Blogging

Happy Thursday! Here's a collage of things that have been keeping me from blogging lately. 

He is the nosiest cat. And he has some sort of vendetta against my computer. Every time I open it, he starts pawing at it and trying to stick his paws underneath it. He also sits on top of it when it's on my lap. 

Baking. It must be the last few days of summer break getting to me. In the last week I have baked apple pie, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies. Last night I also made the best lasagna of my life. 

This wedding we went to. A friend of Justin's family got married last weekend and we I had a blast tearing up the dance floor. Justin doesn't dance. Fortunately the rest of his family does. 

My classroom. School starts next week and I've been doing a lot of running around trying to feel ready. 

Spending time with Justin. School started for him yesterday and pretty soon we will get into the routine of hardly seeing each other during the week, so the last few weeks we have been trying to spend as much time together as we can. Just enjoying the simple stuff like cooking dinner together, going grocery shopping, and sitting on the couch together watching Netflix. 

Pretty Little Liars. I'm finally caught up. You guys, this is one of those shows that makes me so mad but I've invested so much time in it that now I just have to know what happens. And, in all honesty, a few nights ago after watching a particularly creepy episode in the dark, I couldn't go to sleep. Anyone else get freaked out by a teeny-bopper ABC Family show? Just me?? ....

2048. My brother-in-law has beaten this game several times. He tried to show me how. I've watched Youtube tutorials. I. Cannot. Win. This is worse than Hay Day. 

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Xo Steph


  1. We got caught up on PLL last night. I really like the show, but I was furious when I found out that they have renewed it for two more seasons! I thought that we were finally going to get some answers soon!! But now they are just going to drag it out more.... I don't think that I can stop watching though!

  2. blogging has fallen down the list for me too...i'm trying to get my mojo back but it doesn't have the same appeal as it once did :/