Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Advent Thoughts

I promised you a recipe in my last post. It's sitting comfortably in my drafts right now. This is just one of those posts that need to happen sometimes.

I'm feeling very overwhelmed.

I've accidentally double-booked my calendar more than once already this month. I just keep saying 'yes' to things and committing to things because it's Christmas and you can't let people down at Christmas, right?

Today we had a two-hour delay. I got an extra half hour of sleep, but starting late just threw off the whole day. Being two hours off schedule during the school day just messes everything up. Teachers, am I right? We only had four days to start with this week, and the thought of trying to fit everything in is giving me anxiety.

We have a choir concert/worship ensemble performance this weekend. Tonight we cut a much-needed practice short so people could watch the Packer game. Now we have to make it up another night. Only in Wisconsin. For the record, I am not watching the Packer game. 

Yesterday I was playing organ for church. I realized halfway through one of the hymns that I only had one of the two pages in front of me. I had to improvise the refrain. For four verses. It was terrifying and I couldn't get back on track after that.

Isn't this the season of peace? Why does it feel so stressful and busy? Instead of focusing on preparing for Jesus, I'm getting caught up in kids' Christmas programs, shopping, traveling, appointments, meetings, and I totally have the wrong attitude.

I need to take a breath and focus. I hope you remember to do the same.

O come, o come, Emmanuel
And ransom captive Israel,
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the son of God appear. 
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel 
Shall come to you, o Israel.


  1. Oh gosh, I'm sorry you're so overwhelmed! It does seem like it's always hard to strike a good balance this time of year - it's always either lonely and boring, or completely overwhelming. And it is really hard to say no to people! I hope things calm down for you soon!!

    Also - having to improvise on the spot is absolutely the worst. That awful "OH CRAP" feeling...ugh. I can relate.

    ALSO - that's my favorite Christmas song :)

  2. Whew, I hope things will slow down for you.