Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Weekend In Rhyme

Friday dinner with the family;
My dad-in-law turned 50!
We went for margaritas,
and some of us got tipsy.

Grade-school B-Team basketball
Saturday a.m.
My students had a tournament,
so I went to cheer for them.

I told them I would dye my hair
if they would win the game.
They lost their matches; both by eight
and my hair remains the same.

Retail therapy at Target
always makes me holler.
I found a pair of jammies
for only seven dollars!

Drove in to the city
Had some pizza, down on State.
Walked up to the capitol,
then went to see a play**.

Sunday morning. Lazy day.
Did not even get dressed.
Sat on the couch watching Sister Wives
Thankful for a day of rest.

Did a yoga video
So I wouldn't feel like a bum,
played piano for a while,
and got some schoolwork done.

Laundry washed, and garbage out.
This weekend was just fine.
I showered, changed sheets, turned out lights,
and was in bed by nine.

**For Christmas Justin got me tickets to see I Love Lucy: Live on Stage. If you know me, you know that I grew up watching I Love Lucy and Lucille Ball is one of my favorite people of all time. GUYS. This show was so amazing. Loved. It. So. Much.

That was my weekend. I hope yours was great!

Xo Steph