Thursday, February 23, 2017

Stuff and Things: A Short One

I'm pre-writing this post on Wednesday. In the middle of the day. From home. I'm halfway through the gentle ease into my maternity leave; this week I'm teaching part time and next week I am completely done. Monday afternoon I didn't know what to do with myself and I ended up napping most through most of it. Tuesday I got a little crazy and (after a nap...) folded/sorted/put away a bunch of laundry and baked two blueberry streusel cakes.

My last day at school happens to be a field trip. It has been on the calendar for weeks, emails and notes have been sent, and it's been in the school newsletter. Permission slips were due today and I still had to get in touch with parents and ask for them. When one mom replied to me "I wasn't aware of any field trip" I nearly cried.

There are ten days left before the boy is due to arrive. I've hit a stage where I'm afraid to go anywhere, especially too far from home, and I'm afraid to be alone because I have irrational fears that I'm going to spontaneously go into labor and have a baby in Wal-Mart, a la Where the Heart Is.

And as if that anxiety isn't enough, Justin recently received a job offer to teach at the high school where he grew up. We're still weighing all of the pros and cons and trying to stay calm in the midst of humongous life changes.

So until this kid has arrived safely and we have come to a decision about whether or not we're going to be moving in the fall, you can find me hiding in my nest on the couch trying to keep myself occupied with episodes of Golden Girls on Hulu and browsing baby hat patterns on ravelry.


  1. "I wasn't aware of any field trip..." Good grief. I don't know how people miss multiple emails, notes, etc...willful ignorance?

    Ten days left!! SO CLOSE!! I can't imagine having to decide right at this very moment if you're going to be moving or not, that's a huge decision to make right at the same time the rest of your life is about to change, too. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time, haha.

  2. Hey, you're about to make a huge life change so why not channel that exhaustion, hormones, and general life insanity into making a big life decision? Oi. I do not envy you. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it'll be the right choice.

    Enjoy the final days of quiet and discomfort!