Wednesday, April 26, 2017


In a previous post I mentioned some concerns that the pediatrician alerted us to about the shape of Jackson's head. Last week we met with neuro and craniofacial surgeons to learn more.

The doctors confirmed that he has something called Craniosynostosis, which is where one or more of the joints between a baby's skull bones close before they are supposed to, resulting in a misshapen appearance because the brain is still growing. Jackson has this in two places.

We were given two different surgery options and a very short time frame to decide. The surgery we opted for is not traditional, but is minimally invasive and poses a smaller risk than the other more major surgery. It will however require long-term follow up care; they will be removing a piece of bone and for several months he will be wearing a helmet to help guide his skull so that it continues to grow properly. This week we have a CT scan and meeting with doctor, and surgery is next week.

If praying is something you do, please remember us. Happy thoughts and positive vibes are also appreciated.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One Month

Jackson is officially a month old. My days are filled with diapers, feedings, and not sleeping. It's exhausting, wonderful, and he is such a blessing.

Car rides
Fan sound when he's going to sleep
Being swaddled...once he's wrapped up
Being sung to
Walks in the stroller
Getting his hair combed after a bath

Having his diaper/clothes changed
The process of getting swaddled
Getting his picture taken (sorry, kid)

Big events:  
Since we've been home from the hospital he has been sleeping in the rock and play in our room. Between having to wake him up for feedings at night and me not being able to bend down and lift him after surgery, it was easier to have him right there. This week though he has taken a couple of naps in his crib. He looks so tiny in it! 

After much frustration, pain, and tears I've decided to switch from breastfeeding to formula. It was a hard decision for me but ultimately what I think is best for us. He has only had a couple of formula bottles so far but it seems to be going well.

Our neurosurgeon appointment is this week. A long car ride, another strange new place, and an's going to be quite a day.