Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One Month

Jackson is officially a month old. My days are filled with diapers, feedings, and not sleeping. It's exhausting, wonderful, and he is such a blessing.

Car rides
Fan sound when he's going to sleep
Being swaddled...once he's wrapped up
Being sung to
Walks in the stroller
Getting his hair combed after a bath

Having his diaper/clothes changed
The process of getting swaddled
Getting his picture taken (sorry, kid)

Big events:  
Since we've been home from the hospital he has been sleeping in the rock and play in our room. Between having to wake him up for feedings at night and me not being able to bend down and lift him after surgery, it was easier to have him right there. This week though he has taken a couple of naps in his crib. He looks so tiny in it! 

After much frustration, pain, and tears I've decided to switch from breastfeeding to formula. It was a hard decision for me but ultimately what I think is best for us. He has only had a couple of formula bottles so far but it seems to be going well.

Our neurosurgeon appointment is this week. A long car ride, another strange new place, and an's going to be quite a day.


  1. He is so adorable! The decision to switch seems to be such a hard for a lot of women but it is sometimes the best one to make, my best friend has a hard time with it too but it just wasn't working for her. I wish women didn't have that pressure for breast feeding. You have to do what it is right for you and baby.

    Happy Wednesday hun!

  2. What a cute baby you have :) And you're doing great!! If breastfeeding just wasn't working for you, no shame in switching to formula. Making the best decision you can for you and baby is the most important thing!

    Good thoughts and prayers for the MRI this week!

  3. A month already! You go, momma! And those newborn expressions are the best.

    No shame in moving to formula. You tried, it didn't work, now let those girls heal! I have no idea why some people have an easy go at nursing and some don't, but isn't it so nice that there's an alternative? Feed the baby! That's all that matters in the end.

    Good luck with the appointments! I've been praying for you guys.

  4. If formula is what helps you be a better mom, then I am so happy for you. I think I made myself crazy trying to make breastfeeding work, and I would do a lot of things differently. Happy one month of motherhood to you! It will only keep getting better.

  5. What a precious little guy! Love all those funny faces he's making with the one month photos! :)